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Educational Programs That Work - 1995

Athletic Health Care System

Athletic Health Care System. A comprehensive system to prevent and manage athletic injuries in interscholastic athletic activity. Approved by JDRP for high school athletics-- coaches, athletic directors, school nurses, certified athletic trainers, and student trainers.

Description Schools have the responsibility to operate safe athletic programs and to manage athletic health problems properly. This comprehensive risk management system serves to reduce liability. State-of-the-art sports medicine methods, adapted for the high school level, meet the educational, organizational and record-keeping requirements toward safer interscholastic athletic activities. The Continuing Education Committee of the American College of Sports Medicine has endorsed the efforts of the developer. The system includes:

Evidence of Effectiveness Coaches and student trainers, after taking the course, show significant knowledge gains as well as greater concern and ability to recognize injuries. Participating schools demonstrate appropriate actions in emergency preparedness as well as effective organized management of injuries and health problems among student athletes.

Requirements Written support from school administration and local medical community; appointment of System coordinator for each school; assessment of the entire athletic program; required attendance by all coaches and student trainers at the educational session; formation of a central training room; appointment of student trainer supervisor; use of daily system procedures; accurate record keeping; full participation in the evaluative component of the system; a school-wide commitment to change; and attention to detail ensure successful implementation.

Costs Training costs for the five day course for coaches consist of $2500 for two instructors, plus travel costs for presenters and $50 per participant for course materials and supplies. Class size typically 20-30. Assessment Site Visit and 75 page written report $1000. National Leadership Institute (5 day course in Seattle--July 23-28, 1995) for one administrator, including room and board is $825. System supplies of forms and manuals is $435 initially, about $200 annually. Full evaluative services of sideline observation reports and injury surveillance data analysis are $60/sport/year--about $1000/year.

Services Awareness materials (literature and videotape) are available at no cost. Visitors are welcome by appointment at the program site and additional demonstration sites. Program staff welcome opportunities to attend out-of-state awareness meetings. Adoption services include: inservice training for System Administrator/ Coordinator (one person per school), preferably at summer National Leadership Institute in Seattle*; training for entire coaching staff and selected student trainers at the adoption site (approximately 20-30 )*; system materials, manuals, record-keeping forms, guidelines and protocols; athletic program needs assessment report; evaluative services including injury data analysis, sideline safety observation reports; technical assistance and consultation as needed. Cost breakdown available upon request. *Three college credits (quarter system) are available for each course through the University of Washington.

Stephen G. Rice, M.D., Athletic Health Care System, Division of Sports Medicine GB-15, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195. (206) 543-6734, FAX (206) 543-6573.

Developmental Funding: USOE ESEA Title IV-C.
JDRP No. 82-37 (7/21/82)
Recertified (5/1/87)


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