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A Compact for Reading - February 1999
Step 5: Strengthen Your Compact

The goal of the last step in the Compact process is for your Core and Invention Teams to strengthen your Compact by building on successes documented during Step 4 (Evaluation) and improving in areas documented as needing improvement.

During this step, you will develop solutions to challenges, determine action steps, and revise your Compact as needed. You can use Activity Sheet 5A to develop an improvement plan.

This last step is extremely important because it allows partners to step back and praise themselves for what is going well in your school community to help children improve their reading skills and achievement. It is also a time to look at what has not been going well and to seek new solutions. These new solutions will provide information for revising your Compact for Reading, if necessary. Ask yourself: Are the right partners making the right commitments? Do new commitments need to be made? Are there enough people with the right training and expertise to make this work? Are there sufficient funds to support the commitments in the Compact? Fine-tuning your Compact is essential if everyone is to know what needs to be done, and do the best job.

Generating Solutions for Thorny Challenges

Every school community faces challenges. Compact Teams can use the following approaches to generate solutions for these challenges:

Sample Challenges and Solutions

Challenge #1: My school has a sound Compact but it is not used.


Challenge #2: School staff want to do more to fulfill the compact, but they simply do not have the time.


Challenge #3: Although a few parents have been very supportive of the Compact, many others are uninvolved.


Challenge #4: Our children are making reading progress during the school year, but many lose those gains during the summer.


Challenge #5: The School-Home Links examples are very helpful, but my school would like to add additional activities to the Kit.


Challenge #6: My school needs more reading resources to provide the effective instructional program envisioned in our Compact for Reading.



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