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A Compact for Reading - February 1999
Evaluate Your Compact

Activity Sheet A: Evaluating the Quality of the Compact Process

Shared Responsibility for Supporting Learning
Knowledge of reading standards

____% of families report that they know what the school's reading standards are. (survey)

____% of families report that the school shows them examples of actual work at different levels of reading performance. (survey, observation)

____% of families and ____% of teachers report that families have high expectations of their children and expect them to be able to read independently by the end of the third grade. (survey)

Teachers report that ____% of students are highly motivated, ask questions to clarify what is expected of them, and seek help when there is something they do not understand. (survey)


____% of teachers were absent more than ten days. (admin. records)

____% of families and ____% of teachers and school staff report that families monitor their children's attendance. (survey)

____% of students were absent 10 or more days in the past year. (admin. records)

Quality of reading
instruction and support

____% of families and ____% of students indicate that the instructional program is challenging and that it is tailored to students who progress at different rates. (survey)

____% of teachers have credentials/training to teach their subject (admin. records).

____ % of parents indicate positive attitudes toward reading with their child. (survey)

____% of parents read a book or story with their child at least 30 minutes most days (survey, admin. records of completion of Book Links activities).

____% of students show a positive attitude toward reading. (observation, survey)

____% of students show that they read a book or story for at least 30 minutes most days. (survey, admin. records of Book Links activities)

Completion of
school-home activities

____% of families and ____% of students report that meaningful activities are assigned and returned promptly with teacher comments. (survey)

____% of families and ____% of teachers report that families supervise completion of home activities and sign completed assignments. (survey, admin. records)

____% of teachers report that students come to school with home reading activities completed. (survey)

Shared Responsibility for Communicating
Communicating on
student progress

____% of teachers have access to phones in their classroom to communicate with families. (admin. records)

____% of families report that the school holds parent-teacher conferences at convenient times and locations. (survey)

____ School translates information and materials into all relevant languages. (admin. records)

____ Yes ____ No

____% of families regularly attend parent-teacher conferences. (admin. records)

____% of students talk with their families about school. (survey, observation)

School climate

____% of families and ____% of students indicate that they feel welcome at the school and that the school respects their opinions. (survey)

____% of school staff and teachers indicate that families are responsive to their concerns. (survey)

____% of teachers report that students are respectful of one another and of teachers. (survey, observation)

Shared Responsibility for Building Capacity
Training and resources

____% of participating teachers and school staff have received training in the "Compact for Reading." (admin. records)

____% of families participate in workshops to learn how they can help their children learn to read and do well in school. (admin. records)

____% of students trained to tutor peers in reading. (admin. records)


____% of families report that the school provides high-quality, well-organized opportunities to volunteer at the school. (survey)

____% of families volunteer at the school, including helping students learn how to read. (admin. records)

____% of volunteers report that they actively recruit new families to help out at the school. (survey)

____% of students volunteer at the school or in the community, including helping each other learn to read. (admin. records)

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