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A Compact for Reading - February 1999
Get Started

Activity Sheet A: Taking Stock of Your School's Reading Standards and Activities

Before your first Compact Invention Team meeting, the Core Team can use the following activity sheet to begin to assess your school's reading program, literacy resources, and family-school partnerships.

Ask the Principal
Ask Teachers
Ask Families
for Learning
What are the reading standards in place at your school?

Are special subgroups of children (ethnic/racial groups; special populations like Title I, special education, and bilingual education students) performing at expected levels?

How do your reading scores compare to those of similar schools in your district or state?

What trends do you see in your reading scores over the last 5 years?

How do teachers address the reading standards in their classrooms?

What kinds of reading programs and special assistance exist, such as tutoring or after-school programs, to help students meet higher reading standards?

What have your child's teachers explained about the role that reading standards play in determining classroom work and their expectations for your child's performance?

Have the teachers given you examples of outstanding student work?

Are there activities you can use at home with your child to support classroom work?

Do you regularly attend parent-teacher conferences?

for Communicating
Are there clear school policies about the availability of the principal and teachers to meet with families?

Do you talk with families on a regular basis about who can help their children with school assignments?

Are you asking families to attend parent-teacher conferences so that you can show them new ways they can help?

Is there an open line of communication between your family and your child's teachers and the principal, and vice versa?

Are you responsive to your child's teachers' concerns and suggestions?

for Building Capacity

What resources are available to provide extra literacy support for students?

Do you have the necessary training (past and ongoing) to teach reading and work with families?

What kind of training/support do you need and have to help you work with your children?

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