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FY 1999 Annual Plan - Volume 1. Objective Performance Plans and Data Quality - February 27, 1998

Objective 4.3. An up-to-date knowledge base is available from education research to support education reform and equity.

Context: To help all children reach high academic standards and prepare for postsecondary education, productive careers, and lifelong learning, the education community needs up-to-date and effective research-based information on well-tested models, products, and strategies for improving educational achievement at all levels.

Key strategies for FY 1999


Programs supporting this objective


National Education Research Institutes X X   X    
Interagency Education Research Initiative X X        
Regional Educational Laboratories X X X X X X
Statistics and Assessment X     X    
Fund for the Improvement of Education   X X X X  
Program- or topic-specific: all or mostly K-12
Technology Innovation Challenge Grants   X   X X  
Title I Evaluation X          
Safe and Drug-Free Schools National Programs   X X X X  
Bilingual Education Support Services X     X X  
IDEA Research and Innovation X X X X    
Vocational Education National Programs X X X X X  
Eisenhower Professional Development Federal Activities   X X X X X
Javits Gifted & Talented Education X   X X   X
Program- or topic-specific: postsecondary education and lifelong learning
Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education   X X X    
Adult Education Evaluation and Technical Assistance X   X X X  
National Institute for Literacy   X   X X  
NIDRR (National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research) X X X X X X
Research dissemination
National Dissemination Activities       X    

Selected performance indicators and charts

Performance indicators in the Strategic Plan for Objective 4.3 focus on the extent to which Department- supported research, statistics, evaluations, and technical assistance contribute to greater understanding and utilization of good practice and policies. The extent to which states and local school districts perceive that information developed by the Department is useful in their efforts to implement standards-based reform is a key measure of customer satisfaction and potential for affecting improvement efforts.

By 1999, increasing numbers of educators, researchers, policy makers, and parents will report that the Department's research, development and dissemination, and technical assistance activities contribute to educational improvement efforts.

Data source for both figures. "Reports on Reform from the Field: District and State Survey Results." The Urban Institute, Washington, D.C., 1997.


Verification/validation of performance measures: Peer and customer reviews will provide independent validation of research utilization. Independent evaluations using peer review will assess the performance of key providers of research and development. Benchmark studies will compare the Department's research and knowledge development activities against the best in the public and nonprofit sector.


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