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U.S. Department of Education FY 1999 Annual Plan - February 27, 1998

Office for Civil Rights

Office for Civil Rights (OCR) --$68,000,000 (FY 99)
Goal: To ensure equal access to education for all students through the vigorous enforcement of civil rights.
Objective Indicators Sources and Next Update Strategies
Impact on students
1. Maximize the impact of available resources on civil rights in education. 1.1 Access. The estimated number of students with access to high-quality education will increase.

1.2 Number of students affected. The estimated number of students positively affected by OCR's casework will increase.

1.3 Increased compliance. The number of recipients that change policies, procedures, or practices to comply with Federal civil rights law increases.

1.1 OCR Report based on Case Evaluation Report, OCR's survey of Elementary and Secondary Education School Civil Rights Compliance, and additional data sources to be determined, FY 2000.

1.2 OCR Case Evaluation Report based on data from case files, odd numbered years, FY 1999.

1.3 Annual data from OCR's Case Information System, FY 1999.

• OCR will implement a balanced enforcement program by responding to complaints and conducting proactive compliance reviews that target resources for maximum impact.

• OCR will maximize the impact of available resources by addressing the most acute problems of discrimination and by providing tangible assistance to the greatest number of students possible.

Empowerment of students and parents
2. Empower others to learn to solve their own problems of securing equal access to quality education. 2.1 Successful partnerships. The number of stakeholder partnerships that lead to civil rights compliance increases. 2.1 Annual OCR Case Evaluation Report, FY 1998. • OCR will provide civil rights-related information, technical expertise and assistance to a broad range of stakeholders engaged in collaborative efforts to ensure equal educational opportunity.

• OCR will develop case resolution agreements that provide for the active participation of parents and other stakeholders.


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