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Annual Performance Report Letter to McNair Project Directors

April 2014

Dear McNair Project Director:

Thank you for your continued support of the Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate (McNair) Program. This letter provides guidance on the updated McNair annual performance report (APR) submission for program year 2012–13. The Web application you will use to submit your report will "go live" on April 16, 2014; the due date for submitting your APR is May 16, 2014. To access the Web application, please visit

You must use the new, approved report as well as the Web application to submit your APR data for program year 2012-13. We strongly urge projects, prior to beginning the submission process; to please review the new OMB approved form and instructions located at:

Even though the Department made every effort to maintain continuity as it relates to the Web application there are three key questions you need to keep in mind when submitting your APR data. They are as follows:

  1. Who needs to be on your APR data file?
    1. All participants on the McNair Tier 1A (applicable only to previously funded projects),
    2. All participants who were served in the reporting period, and
    3. All participants who earned a bachelor’s degree in the 2012-13 academic year.

      If I have a previously funded project, may I include participants not mentioned above? Yes, the system allows you to include any type of participant. For example, you can include a participant that was not served in the 2012-13 reporting period and has not yet attained a baccalaureate degree.

  2. What are the benefits of downloading the McNair Tier 1A file from the Web site?
    1. It makes for a smoother submission should you encounter any issues related to the Tier 1A file (e.g., missing record, changes to the student identifiers, etc.).
    2. The file also contains all 2012-13 APR data fields as well as participants for whom you verified bachelor’s degree attainment during the Tier 1A process.
    3. Finally, the file contains, where applicable, fields that have been prepopulated with data submitted from your previous APR submission. For example, fields such as First Enrollment Date, Project Entry Date, Eligibility Status, Gender, etc., contain data from your previous APR submission; thus, you are not required to reconstruct your APR data file.
  3. What are the new reports generated by the Web application? The Web application contains six (6) reports of which four (4) are new to the Web application. No significant changes were made to the remaining two reports—Funded Rate and Eligibility Report and Match-to-Prior. The four new reports are as follows:
    1. Report on Participants who Attained a Bachelor’s Degree in the 2012-13 Academic Year. Since the Tier 1A process was a one-time verification of the baccalaureate degree attainment, it is imperative that projects correctly identify participants who have attained a baccalaureate in subsequent reporting periods. Therefore, this report displays all participants for whom you reported having attained a bachelor’s degree in the reporting period (i.e., field 29, option 12).
    2. Report on Participants who have Attained a Research-Intensive Doctorate Degree. Displays all of the participants for all cohorts for whom you reported having attained a research doctorate degree (field 44, options 2, 3, and 4) as of the end of the 2012-13 academic year.
    3. Cohort Comparison Report (CCR). Once the number of participants in a baccalaureate degree cohort has been established, the number cannot be changed in subsequent reporting periods. Therefore, this report compares the number of participants in your 2012-13 APR data file to that of the McNair Tier 1A data file to ensure that no increases to the pre-established cohorts have occurred.
    4. Cohort Report. Once the participant’s baccalaureate degree cohort has been established, it cannot be changed in subsequent reporting periods. Therefore, this report compares the cohort year reported in field 29 to that of the McNair Tier 1A record to ensure that no changes to the cohorts have occurred.

Registration. All projects must register for a user ID and password in order to protect the security of the APR data. Register by clicking on the "Register Here Each Year" link and enter your name and e-mail address. If your name and e-mail address match our records, you may proceed to the next step in the registration process, which is to select and answer two security questions. You are required to provide responses to these questions should you need to use the "Forgot Password" link to receive a new, temporary password.

Help Desk. If you encounter technical problems accessing the Web site or using the Web application, please contact the Help Desk at (703) 846-8248 or via e-mail at Please note that the Help Desk will try to contact grantees within 24 hours of receiving the telephone call or e-mail. The Help Desk will be available to respond to your questions on weekdays from April 16 until May 16, 2014. During peak times, it may take longer for you to receive a response; thus, I encourage you to prepare and submit your performance report as soon as you have collected the complete set of data.

After electronically submitting the APR, please submit a signed copy of the Section I Cover page by scanning and uploading directly into the APR site. Should you have any issues or concerns with uploading the Section I Cover Page, please contact the Help Desk for assistance at (703) 846-8248.

If there is a need to revise the APR after it has been submitted please contact the Help Desk for assistance. Please note that the Department will only accommodate revisions until the due date for submitting the APR.

Thank you for the time and effort you devote to the performance reporting period each year and for your commitment to providing complete and accurate data for the McNair Program. Please retain source documents in a readily accessible form so that they can be verified during an on-site visit.


Katie E. Blanding, PhD
Graduate and Special Focus Programs Division


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Last Modified: 04/11/2014