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2011 Florida Abstract

Grantee Name:The School District of Palm Beach County, Florida
Project Name:The I-TEACH TTT project
Project Director:Nancy Bourgeois 561-831-4598
Partner Districts/LEAs:Palm Beach County


The I-TEACH project is proposed for funding under the Transition to Teaching (TTT) Program, CFDA 84.350 (A), by the School District of Palm Beach County (SDPBC), Florida, a high need LEA as defined in section 2102(3) of the ESEA. This TTT project proposes to establish a recruitment, placement, induction, and retention model that will target high quality mid-career changing professionals and recent college graduates with non-education degrees to teach in high-need secondary schools for a minimum of three years. Special emphasis will be placed on recruitment of qualified individuals from groups traditionally underrepresented in STEM subject areas, including minorities and women. Over the course of the grant project, the I-TEACH accelerated teacher preparation program will provide a structured alternative certification program, consisting of high quality professional development and intensive mentoring support, to produce a minimum of 100 highly qualified teachers who earn their full state teacher certification in core academic fields in which teacher shortages have been demonstrated, especially in math and science, within 18 months.

Through I-TEACH, the SDPBC will collaborate with three primary project partners - Palm Beach County Workforce Alliance, New Teacher Center, and Scripps Institute of Florida - to accomplish the project's measurable outcomes: 1) the number of high quality mid-career professionals and recent graduates who are recruited and placed as teachers of record in SDPBC high-need secondary schools will increase by 20% annually; 2) the number of project participants who complete the accelerated I-TEACH alternative certification program and earn their state teaching certification within 18 months will increase by 20% annually; and 3) the number of highly qualified project participants who remain as teachers of record in the high need schools for at least three years will sustain a retention rate of at least 95% per year. An external evaluator will work with the project director to assess the project's effectiveness with respect to the identified measures and project implementation.

Grantee Name:Hillsborough County Public Schools
Project Name:Paraprofessionals Accelerated Teaching Highway (PATH)
Project Director:Scott Richman 813-840-7018
Partner Districts/LEAs:Hillsborough County Public Schools


Paraprofessional Accelerated Teaching Highway (PATH), proposed by Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS) is designed to provide high quality comprehensive support to paraprofessionals pursuing teacher certification in Exceptional Student Education, a high need area in HCPS. PATH has partnered with St. Petersburg College (SPC) to implement a program that recruits, supports and prepares highly qualified paraprofessionals. Three goals frame the project: 1) Recruit highly qualified HCPS paraprofessionals to become Teachers of Record (TOR) in Exceptional Student Education in high need schools, 2) Assist highly qualified paraprofessionals to achieve state certification in an expedited manner( within two years) and 3) Retain participants as Teachers of Record for at least 3 years within high need schools in HCPS. Projected outcomes include 90% of participants securing certification and 85% remaining as Teachers of Record for at least three years.

Eligible paraprofessionals are those who have AA degrees, have worked with children for two or more years, have passed Florida Department of Education's General Knowledge Test and have submitted a portfolio. Once admitted to the PATH program, applicants enroll in St Petersburg College's College of Education for an accelerated two year program. Participants receive strong support along every step on the path to certification. Scholarships pay tuition and classes are held at a site within the school district. Academic coaches are provided to bolster academic success. The internship process occurs without sacrificing full time employment. Upon completion of the program, PATH participants receive pre-placement assistance with interviews and state certification verification. Once hired, HCPS's New Teacher Induction Program provides peer mentoring, peer evaluation, and prescriptive professional development to maintain effectiveness.

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Last Modified: 10/27/2011