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2011 Connecticut Grant Abstracts

Grantee Name:Bridgeport Public Schools
Project Name:Bridgeport Bridge to Math Teaching Program B Squared
Project Director:Carole Pannozzo  203-275-1042
Partner Districts/LEAs:Bridgeport Public Schools


Bridgeport Bridge to Math Teaching program (B2) is designed to support recent graduates of undergraduate mathematics programs through the process of becoming a highly qualified mathematics teacher who thrives on the unique challenges of teaching in an urban, high need environment. The project will be based in, and serve the schools of, the Bridgeport, Connecticut Public School district. The project goal is to recruit and select individuals with undergraduate degrees in mathematics who have an interest in teaching mathematics in the Bridgeport Public Schools.

Objective 1 - Identify and select potential math teacher candidates. The B2 recruitment coordinator will work with math department chairs, career placement offices, student organizations and other venues to identify interested program applicants with undergraduate degrees in mathematics. Interested applicants will be invited to apply for admission to the B2 program, as well as the MAT program at Sacred Heart University. The B2 program selection process will actively seek and encourage applications from groups historically underrepresented in mathematics. Three cohorts will be selected in our program design (years 1, 2 and 3) allowing all participants to complete the three-year process during the five year grant cycle. Outcomes: 30 candidates will be accepted into the B2 and MAT programs during project years 1, 2, and 3.

Objective 2 - Supporting math teaching candidates through process that will result in state certification. B2 participants receive weekly support as a cohort from recruitment, induction and higher education program coordinators. B2 program participants are placed in mathematics teaching positions at Bridgeport high need schools with a DSAP certification. We have anticipated attrition of five candidates per program year. Outcomes: Twenty-five program participants will successfully complete the first year of the B2 program and be placed in Bridgeport math teaching positions with a DSAP certification. Twenty program participants will successfully complete the requirements for their MAT degree and continue in Bridgeport math teaching positions with full state certification.

Objective 3- Supporting new math teachers through an integrated process of induction. B2 program participants participate in Bridgeport's new teacher induction process, designed to focus on building skill in teaching in an urban environment. Twenty program participants will participate in semi-monthly induction sessions devoted to enveloping skill as a teacher in a high needs school and developing their skill as a teacher of mathematics.

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Last Modified: 10/03/2011