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Pennsylvania 2009 Grantee Abstract

Grantee Name:Philadelphia Education Fund
Project Name:Philadelphia Teacher Residency
Project Director:Diana Campbell 215-665-1400 ext 3325
Partner Districts/LEAs:School District of Philadelphia

Philadelphia Teacher Residency (PTR) is a master’s degree and teacher certification program for mid-career professionals and recent graduates to become math and science teachers in high needs schools within the School District of Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Education Fund leads the Residency program in partnership with the School District of Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers and the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School Of Education (Penn GSE). Over 5 years, our goal is to prepare 160 new math and science teachers for the School District of Philadelphia’s high needs schools (10 in year1; 20 in year 2; 40 in year 3; 40 in year 4 and 50 in year 5).

PTR is a four-year program. During the first year, program participants, called Residents, learn in a co-teaching, apprentice style arrangement at the elbow of experienced mentor teachers. While each Resident has his or her own mentor, Residents are placed in cohorts within schools and engage in activities with other teachers and learning spaces within their school. Mentor teachers are prepared for their facilitative role and supported throughout the school year with professional development activities around mentoring and co-teaching. Simultaneously, Residents engage in rigorous master’s degree coursework at the Penn GSE that is aligned and integrated with the classroom experiences of the Resident and their mentor. After the intensive Residency year of co-teaching and learning, Residents receive a Masters Degree in Secondary Education and PA level 1 certification from Penn GSE.

In the subsequent three years, Residents are employed by the School District. Each Resident is provided an induction coach who observes their teaching 2-3 times per month and offers support and resources. All Residents also participate in monthly workshops to expand and share their repertoire of teaching strategies and to build a support network among themselves. The overarching purpose is to extend and apply the learning from the Residency year into the first 3 years of teaching.

We anticipate that 95% of Residents will obtain their masters degree and PA teaching certification and will become teachers in the School District of Philadelphia. Of those who do so, we anticipate that 90% will remain teachers in Philadelphia for at least 3 years.

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Last Modified: 10/07/2009