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Colorado 2007 Grantee Abstracts

Grantee Name:Colorado State University-Pueblo
Project Name:The Southern Colorado Special Education Initiative
Project Director:Victoria E. Marquesen 719-549-2681
Partner Districts/LEAs:Aguilar RE, Bethune R-5, Branson RE-82, Campo RE-6, Centennial R-1, Center 26JT, Crowley County RE-IJ, Del Norte C-7, East Otero R-1, Edison 541J, Granada RE-1, Hi Plains R-23, Holly RE-3, Huerfano RE-1, Karval RE-23, Lamar RE-2, Las Animas RE-1, Manzanola 3J, Miami/Yoder 60JT, Mountain Valley RE1, North Conejos RE-1J, Primero RE-2, Pueblo School District 60, Rocky Ford R-2, Sangre De Cristo RE-22J, Sierra Grande R-30, and South Conejos RE-10

The Southern Colorado Special Education Initiative is a collaboration between CSU-Pueblo, and K-12 partners to implement a sustainable, comprehensive approach to recruit, train, and retain recent college graduates and mid-career professionals, including recent retirees of the armed services, as teachers in high need schools. The Initiative will recruit linguistically diverse candidates into special education and other high-needs subjects including, math, science, and English; implement a range of activities to prepare outstanding candidates to enter the program; develop a model alternative (Teacher in Residency) program to prepare special education and ESL teachers, involving distance applications and innovative, research-based professional development, as well as critical supports for teachers; provide training for mentors, coaches and principals; and develop an infrastructure to ensure program sustainability. Expected outcomes include increases in the number of quality candidates for shortage areas in high need schools as well as retention of these teachers several years after program completion; approximately 50 teachers will be prepared each year, with 125 graduating from the program.

Grantee Name:University of Colorado at Denver and Health Science Center
Project Name:Project TOP-SET *ALP: Transition of Paraprofessionals to Special Education Teachers through Alternative Licensure Program
Project Director:Ritu Chopra 303-556-6451
Partner Districts/LEAs:North Conjesos RE-1J, Sargent RE-33J, Alamosa RE-11J, Del Norte C-7, Centennial R-1, South Conejos RE-10, Sierra Grande R-30, Mountain Valley RE 1, Sangre De CristoRE-22J, Center 26 JT, Moffat 2, Sheridan 2, Adams 14, Pueblo 60, and Lamar RE-2

Project TOP-SET*ALP is a partnership between the Paraprofessional Resource and Research (PAR2A) Center at the University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences (UCDHSC), the Colorado Department of Education (CDE), several high-need LEAs, and a state designated agency that offers an alternative certification program. The project will provide a seamless transition for 120 highly qualified paraprofessionals to become certified special education teachers through an alternative certification program. Project participants will be recruited in four cohorts of 30 each over the five-year project period. To ensure project participants' success, the project will provide a full array of student services including advising, tuition assistance, mentoring in school districts, and guided induction to the teaching profession. The project will also establish a consortium to include LEAs, IHEs, alternative certification programs and the CDE to develop an alternative certification system that will sustain beyond the grant period.

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Last Modified: 04/08/2008