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New Mexico 2006 Grant Abstract

Grantee Name:New Mexico Public Education Department
Project Name:New Mexico Transition to Teaching
Project Director:Carol Carpenter 505-827-3578

The New Mexico Transition to Teaching Project (NMT2T) is an initiative of the New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) designed to increase the number of mid-career professionals and recent college graduates who become certified, highly-qualified teachers in New Mexico's high-need schools in high-need Local Educational Agencies (LEAs). NMT2T will accomplish this goal by revising and expanding the current program's strategies for recruiting, training, and retaining the target applicant group, and offering newly developed alternative routes to certification within a reduced time period. The recruiting and training efforts look to select and place 100 new participants in high-need schools as teachers, working directly with selected LEAs to ensure a diverse array of district needs will be met. Professional support will be crucial to NMT2T's success, provided via face-to-face and online pedagogy, subject-specific workshops, site-based mentors, and portfolio preparation "boot camps." Retention issues will be addressed by expanding mentoring to three years of support, and offering a tiered incentive program for any and all participants who stay with the program for more than three years. By 2010, 10 new district-based alternative licensure programs will be established and approved by the state, ensuring that NMT2T's agenda will positively impact future educators and their classrooms for years to come.

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Last Modified: 04/08/2008