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Kansas 2006 Grant Abstract

Grantee Name:Wichita State University
Project Name:Recruit, Retrain, Retain-Teacher Expansion Alternative Certification for High needs (R³-TEACH)
Project Director:Judith Hayes 316-978-6580

Recruit, Retrain, Retain-Teacher Expansion Alternative Certification for High needs (R³-TEACH) program is an expanded collaborative partnership of Wichita State University (WSU), the Wichita Public Schools (WPS), and selected high-need school districts. Developed to respond to shortages of secondary school teachers, especially in science and mathematics, R³-TEACH builds on an existing transition-to-teaching alternative certification program that has placed recent college graduates and midlevel professionals in more than 40 districts throughout Kansas. The new R3-TEACH program will reach an additional four high-need school districts and will offer up to 25 open contracts annually to recent college graduates and midlevel professionals who have agreed to: (1) teach in areas with educator shortages and (2) work toward completing their licensure requirements during their first two years as teachers. During these two years, R³-TEACH will provide participants with additional educational courses each spring and fall and peer coaching and in-class observation and feedback from school mentors. To further support participants' success, the program will incorporate four new strategies built on lessons learned. First, stronger partnerships will be forged among stakeholders to improve accountability, enhance recruitment, and provide participants with internships and other support. Second, the hiring process will be streamlined so contracts are offered earlier; this will particularly help candidates who are making transitions from other careers. Third, more courses will be offered online to facilitate access. Fourth, all mentors will be trained to assist candidates using effective, standardized techniques.

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Last Modified: 04/08/2008