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Georgia 2006 Grant Abstract

Grantee Name:Georgia Professional Standards Commission
Project Name:The Georgia Teaching Force Program (GTFP)
Project Director:Cynthia E. Stephens, Ed.D. 404-232-2619

The Georgia Teaching Force Program (GTFP) for a More Educated Georgia: Better Schools for Better Georgia is collaboration among several major Georgia educational agencies. To help alleviate teacher shortages in high-need Local Educational Agencies (LEAs), GTFP will establish innovative ways to attract, recruit, train, and retain would-be teachers from outside education fields, thereby increasing the number of highly qualified teachers in critical subject areas within high-need LEAs. A total of 500 new teacher candidates will be recruited, with at least 90 percent of these being retained beyond three years. Retaining participants will be achieved by training them based on a Teacher Selection Model, ensuring they are recruited by the LEA(s) that best match their given qualifications. GTFP also seeks to bolster recruitment by extending the HOPE scholarship to alternative programs, while accommodating long-distance learners with an online certification test-preparation program, virtual mentoring, and alternative preparation programs via satellite. The GTFP looks to be necessary not only in closing the gap in quality teacher production, but also to open and/or widen existing pathways for high quality teacher candidates from a variety of backgrounds and experiences to become teachers.

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Last Modified: 04/08/2008