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Louisiana - 2004 Grantee Abstract

Grantee Name:The University of Louisiana at Monroe
Project Name:LaT2T
Project Website:Each university has developed separate websites that are specific to their individual program.
Project Director:Dr. Carolyn Marshall-Jackson 318-342-1300

LaT2T (Louisiana Transition to Teaching) is a partnership of 30 school systems and four universities with existing alternative pathways to teacher certification in four areas of the state. The project seeks to attract outstanding candidates for critical shortage areas throughout the state. LaT2T coordinates statewide initiatives to recruit and train 575 new teachers selected from a broad range of highly qualified mid-career professionals and recent college graduates from diverse backgrounds. All eligible participants receive training and support to teach in high-need schools in high-need Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) for at least three years, in the areas of special education, mathematics, science, and elementary education in the northeast area of the state. Targeted recruitment campaigns allow focuses on attracting candidates to the highest need LEAs. LaT2T emphasizes teacher retention through mentoring, tracking, counseling, scholarships, and redesigned graduate programs.

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Last Modified: 04/08/2008