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Texas 2002 Grant Abstracts

Grantee Name:College of the Mainland
Project Name:Partners in Alternative Certification for Teachers (PACT)
Project Website:
Project Director:Carla Boone 409-938-1211 ext. 610

The Transition to Teaching program builds on the Partners in Alternative Certification for Teachers (PACT) program to fill critical needs in mathematics, science, special education, and bi-lingual education, as well as other approved certification areas, in Galveston County. Three hundred new teacher candidates are being recruited over five years into the PACT program. Local school districts are involved in the development, design, and evaluation phases of the alternative certification program. Teacher candidates are supported with specialized workshops and seminars, internships, mentoring, and professional development. New certification areas have been developed in high-need subjects based on the Texas State Board of Educator Certification Approved Standards.

Grantee Name:Intercultural Development Research Association
Project Name:Texas Teacher Excellence for All Students (T-TExAS)
Project Website:
Project Director:Maria Robledo Montecel
Project Coordinator:Adela Solis 210-444-1710

T-TExAS is a five-year project to enable school districts to tap into new groups of professionals. T-TExAS will recruit and prepare 150 mid-career professionals and recent college graduates for certification in English as a Second Language (ESL)/bilingual education. T-TExAS is comprised of the following components: (1) early identification and recruitment; (2) pre-service training for certification and placement; and (3) sustained in-service training and professional development, and mentoring and support. Through these components, T-TExAS conducts the following authorized activities: high-quality pre-service coursework, payment of tuition and related expenses, teaching internships, mentoring and other new teacher support; and sustained in-service and professional development including strategies to influence retention.

Grantee Name:Midwestern State University
Project Name:SUCCESS Partnership
Project Website:
Project Director:Grant Simpson 940-397-4564

The West College of Education at Midwestern State University (in collaboration with Region IX Education Service Center, Vernon College, and seven area school districts) has 46 mid-career adults and 14 paraprofessionals seeking teacher certification through the SUCCESS Project in mathematics, science, bilingual education, and special education. The accelerated pathways to teaching include field-based teacher preparation experiences, learner-centered instruction, strong academic content, and data-driven decision making. Special education candidates are certified in non-violent crisis intervention strategies and receive special coursework in the needs of students with emotional/behavioral disorders or violent/aggressive behavior. Distance education technologies help to ease the travel burden of participants.

Grantee Name:Northside Independent School District
Project Name:Transition to Teaching
Project Director:Adriana Garza 210-397-7911

Over 125 career-changing professionals with strong academic credentials, recent college graduates with BAs in areas other than education, and paraprofessionals with at least two years of postsecondary coursework and strong academic credentials will be employed as certified teachers as a result of this program. These teachers will fill shortages in bilingual education, special education, secondary math, secondary science, and secondary computer science classrooms. Participants enroll in courses at our Lady of the Lake University, and are supported with mentors, tutoring to pass the state certification examinations and web based on-line accounts.

Grantee Name:Region XIII Education Service Center
Project Name:Educator Certification Program (ECP)
Project Website:
Project Director:Becky Washington 512-919-5343

Eighty bilingual and 40 special education teachers are being prepared to teach in the Austin Independent School District. Mid-career professionals and recent college graduates participate in the program. Preparation includes a structured pre-service training program that prepares interns for initial entry into the classroom about four-and-a-half months after the program start date. Mentoring is offered for the first two years of teaching as well as a program of continued professional development. Two instructional facilitators provide onsite guidance to support the literacy and mathematics instruction provided during the pre-service and in-service training phase. In addition, school-based mentors are trained to provide support aligned with meeting the needs of beginning teachers.

Grantee Name:Texas A&M University - College Station
Project Name:Accelerate Online/OPTIONS
Project Website:
Project Director:Jon Denton 979-845-5352

Up to 40 secondary teachers will enter teaching through this program each year. Prospective candidates for the program include recent college graduates. After an orientation session, participants have access to 31 online modules. During the time they are completing the online modules, candidates are assigned to a 40-hour supervised field experience in a secondary school where they observe and participate in teaching and are introduced to classroom management techniques and school operations. Successful participants are hired as interns in entry-level teaching positions while being mentored by very capable, experienced teachers and supported by university supervisors.

Grantee Name:Texas A&M Research Foundation
Project Name:Texas A&M University System Transition to Teaching Program
Project Director:Irma Harper 979-458-7421

This program is a partnership of the Texas A&M Research Foundation and nine regional Texas A&M Universities. The purpose of the Texas A&M University System (TAMUS) Transition to Teaching Program is to build collaborative partnerships between high-need Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and A&M Universities in order to recruit, train, place, and retain highly qualified mid-career professionals and recent college graduates into the teaching profession by developing and expanding alternative routes to teacher certification. This program engages the TAMUS institutions in two categories: developing new programs and enhancing existing programs. The program proposes to prepare over 1,677 teachers across the Texas A&M University System. Training includes university courses, internships, workshops and seminars as well as support from trained mentors.

Grantee Name:The University of Texas - Pan American
Project Name:Project STARS (Supporting Teachers Across Rural Schools)
Project Website:
Project Director:Dr. Jose Ruiz-Escalante 956-381-3440

A minimum of 90 mid-career professionals, recent college graduates, and highly qualified school paraprofessionals will be recruited for the Supporting Teachers Across Rural Schools (STARS) program. Candidates participate in a weekend orientation seminar and then enroll in professional development seminars and non-traditional coursework that supports the high-need areas of bilingual education, English as a Second Language (ESL), mathematics, science, special education, and technology. Web-based courses, field-based courses, flexible scheduling, chat rooms, and listservs are made available to students. An electronic portfolio will be developed for each student. Following the coursework, participants serve in a nine-month internship in high-need schools where they are mentored by experienced classroom teachers and observed and assessed by a university clinical faculty member. ExCET/TexES review seminars focus on the objectives of the two state-mandated assessments. A three-year induction program includes professional development institutes, seminars, and the shadowing of experienced teachers.

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