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Mississippi 2002 Grant Abstract
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Grantee Name:Mississippi Department of Education
Project Name:Transition into Education for America's Children (TEACh)
Project Director:Daphne Buckley 601-359-3631

Transitioning into Education for America's Children (TEACh) focuses on attracting mid-career professionals, retirees, and recent non-teacher education college graduates who possess strong backgrounds in mathematics, science, foreign language, and special education to teach in critical shortage areas and/or Rural Education Achievement Program (REAP) schools in Mississippi. Selected participants are eligible to receive training and support that enables them to obtain licensure through one of three alternative route programs. After completing this licensure process, they are provided with job placement services, trained mentors, subject area professional development, technology training, and classroom management through their first three years of teaching.

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Last Modified: 04/08/2008