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Kansas 2002 Grant Abstracts

Grantee Name:Kansas State Department of Education
Project Name:Restricted License
Project Director:Pamela Coleman 785-296-8010

Two hundred new teachers who represent shortage areas in the state are being recruited and trained to work in high-need Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) through this program. The online collaborative program was developed and is offered by accredited teacher education institutions. It addresses the Kansas professional education standards and is available statewide. Statewide mentoring and induction programs support new teachers in their early years of classroom experience.

Grantee Name:University of Kansas Center for Research
Project Name:Partnership in Education
Project Director:William Sharpton 504-280-1397

Priorities of the Partnership in Education program are 1) recruiting, preparing, and hiring classroom teachers in critical shortage areas of mathematics and science for high-need urban schools in the Kansas City school district; 2) providing high quality preparation based on state standards; and 3) providing intensive induction and mentoring support during the new teachers' first years of professional practice. The University of Kansas is committed to assuming the costs of curriculum delivery and the district is committed to funding the induction and mentoring program after federal support expires.

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Last Modified: 09/15/2008