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California 2002 Grant Abstracts

Grantee Name:Baldwin Park Unified School District
Project Name:Project ACE
Project Director:Leslee A. Bahl 626-856-4640

Baldwin Park Unified School District has partnered with a local institution of higher education to provide a resourceful program to our paraprofessionals, mid-career changers, and recent college graduates as they complete their bachelor's degree program and preliminary teaching credential. ACE participants can receive mentoring, workshops, test preparation courses, advisement, and tuition, books, and fee assistance (of up to $5,000) from the program as they complete the necessary criteria from the State of California to become a credentialed teacher.

Grantee Name:California State University - East Bay
Project Name:DREAMS
Project Website:
Project Director:Lettie Ramirez 510-885-3870 x2388

Project DREAMS (Developing Reading, English, language Arts, Math, and Science teachers) expects to recruit 100 recent outstanding college graduates with degrees in a field other than teaching, and 20 current, qualified mid-career professionals with strong subject matter competency in mathematics, science, foreign languages, and special education. Project DREAMS allows 10 of the recruited teachers to continue for an extra year to obtain their special education credential. Of the 120 total, 40 credentialed teachers will be recruited to serve as mentors and will receive a stipend to obtain a master's degree. Professional development provided after completion of the program aids in the retention of these new teachers.

Grantee Name:California State University - Long Beach Foundation
Project Name:The High Quality Minority Teacher Preparation Project
Project Website:
Project Director:Kim Oanh Nguyen-Lam, Ph.D. 562-985-5806

The High Quality Minority Teacher Preparation Project recruits bilingual candidates who were formerly teachers from other countries, but who are now working in non-teaching fields, or who are employed as paraprofessionals. The project provides academic advisement as well as mentoring and networking support for all participants. The project also provides financial assistance so that participants can obtain a California teaching credential and become highly qualified, successful teachers in urban school settings.

Grantee Name:California State University - Northridge
Project Name:Project Los Angeles: Transition to Teaching
Project Director:Clara Park 818-677-2500

Project Los Angeles: Transition to Teaching represents a partnership among California State University and theNorthridge and Los Angeles Unified School Districts that will prepare 100 teachers to alleviate the shortage of teachers in multiple subject areas (i.e., mathematics, science, English, social studies, and foreign languages). The project intends to prepare teachers of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds (African, Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, Farsi, Japanese, Korean, Hispanic, Vietnamese, and others) ensuring their state certification and effective pedagogical training in SDAIE (Specially-Designed Academic Instruction in English), ESL/bilingual teaching, cultural sensitivity. The project also intends for these candidates to have a background in scientific research-based reading instruction, blending State academic content standards and English language development standards, as well as standards-based instruction and assessment, and effective use of instructional technology.

Grantee Name:InterAmerican College
Project Name:SCRIPT (Southern California Recruitment Institute for the Preparation of Teachers)
Project Director:Dr. Maria Viramontes de Marin 619-477-6310

Qualified local minority candidates have been recruited for the SCRIPT (Southern California Recruitment Institute for the Preparation of Teachers) Center to provide high need schools in the National City, South Bay, and San Ysidro school districts with more qualified minority teachers. SCRIPT offers a Bachelor of Arts degree for paraprofessionals, a credential program for graduate students, academic supportive services, personal and academic advisement, and tutorial and induction services for new teachers. The InterAmerican College provides candidates with a rigorous academic program, supportive services geared to retention, and assistance in placement in low-income, low-performing schools. Candidates have been recruited in the areas of science, mathematics, and Spanish at the high school level.

Grantee Name:Los Angeles County Office of Education
Project Name:Paraprofessional Partnership for Teaching
Project Website:
Project Director:Jon Crotty 562-803-8469

The Paraprofessional Partnership for Teaching (PPT) program has partnered with 25 high-need school districts in Los Angeles County to offer training and employment opportunities to qualified paraprofessionals, recent college graduates, and career-changers who want to pursue a teaching career. Priority is given to bilingual candidates and candidates who have obtained a bachelor's degree in mathematics, science, or special education. Distinctive features of the program include a combination of existing resources (the county office, the Beginning Teacher Program, and local districts), and a countywide opportunity for paraprofessionals to transition to teaching.

Grantee Name:Stockton Unified School District
Project Name:IMPACT
Project Website:
Project Director:Sandra Trucco 209-478-5147

Thirty highly qualified mid-career professionals and recent college graduates are being recruited yearly to increase the percentage of highly qualified teachers in the Stockton Unified School District. The San Joaquin County Office of Education's IMPACT program, an alternative certification program through which candidates receive a California Single or Multiple Subject Clear Credential in two years, recruits, prepares, and places eligible program participants as new classroom teachers. Interns receive 120 hours of pre-service coursework in the basic knowledge and skills needed to begin teaching, including organizing a classroom, classroom management, and lesson planning. Interns teach while earning their credential. IMPACT provides 375 hours of academic and pedagogical coursework and intensive field experience, with direct supervision of a site administrator, and with the guidance of an on-site mentor/peer coach who is an experienced teacher. Follow-up support and the formation of cohort groups contribute to the success of the training. IMPACT has added the University of the Pacific, University of Phoenix and California State University, Stanislaus to its training program.

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