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Baldwin Park Unified School District, Baldwin Park, California

The local education agency works in partnership with Azusa Pacific University, the Historical Society of Southern California, and the National Council for History Education to serve 138 local schoolteachers in grades 5,8,11, and 12. Features for the project include a series of spring and summer colloquia on various historical topics and themes and the development of specific lesson plans and history classes based on the learning that arises from these sessions. Academic historians will lead the sessions, and learning specialists and master teachers will work with teachers to help them integrate the topics and themes into creative classroom presentations that engage student interest.

Hawaii State Department of Education, Honolulu, Hawaii

The University of Hawaii, Chaminade University, Hawaii Council for the Humanities, and museums on each major island will collaborate with the Department of Education to immerse pre-/in-service teachers in major issues of American history, link history with civic responsibilities, enhance instruction in low-income schools, nurture collaboration and mentoring among historians and teachers, and make technology and other resources available. Along with Visiting Scholar days for K-12 teachers, Summer History Colloquia and follow-up workshops address the colonial period and the American Revolution for elementary school teachers, the Civil War and Reconstruction for middle school teachers, and the 20th century for high school teachers. A recruitment program is aimed at university students and a 5-day Summer History Academy will be held for all teachers. Additional partners include Mission Houses Museum, USS Arizona Memorial, Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii, Kauai Children's Discovery Center, and Lyman Museum.

Somersworth School District, Somersworth, New Hampshire

The district, in collaboration with nine other small districts, will work with the University of New Hampshire, the New Hampshire Historical Society, and the New Hampshire Department of Education. Project staff will work with 57 teachers from 17 schools in the districts that have been used as culture sites for the University's teacher preparation program. Activities include two-day separate seminars for the fall and spring and two-week summer institutes. These sessions will include presentations by professional historian, the reading and analyzing of primary and secondary sources, the exploration of additional web-based sources, and the uses of media. Project staff will help the teachers translate these lessons into effective classroom learning strategies.

West Morris Regional High School District, Chester, New Jersey

This school district will collaborate with two nearby districts and partner with Princeton University, the Smithsonian Museum of American History, the IBM Learning Village, and the National Council for History Education. The project will provide professional development to 180 high school teachers in 3 cohorts of 60 each. Different groups will visit various historical sites and receive training there as well. University teachers will provide the content, while mentor teachers will help devise and carry out customized learning strategies to put the content across to the student. The objective will be to integrate the new content learning into the core curriculum.

Lane Education Service District, Eugene, Oregon

The Lane Education Service District, in collaboration with the Oregon State History Society, Oregon Department of Education, Portland State University, Oregon High Desert Museum, the University of Oregon Center for Advanced Technology in Education, and Lane County historical museums and historical sites will (1) develop and deliver a program of professional development in teaching American history to 80 K-12 teachers who will then support 320 of their colleagues; and (2) build a sustainable network that will provide continuing history education and professional development for teachers throughout the State of Oregon. Practicing professional historians will provide the teacher with content instruction, demonstrations in best practices, instruction in using primary source materials and objects in classrooms, and instruction in using and integrating educational technology.

Warren County Schools, McMinnville, Tennessee

As lead educational agency for a consortium of 64 schools, Warren County Schools is partnering with Middle Tennessee State University to increase content knowledge of American history teachers; expand use of primary resources and technology in instruction; and improve student achievement in American history. Training is provided to 100 teachers in grades 4, 5, and 8-12 on using model history curriculum kits and creating lessons that emphasize American history within the state curriculum. The project will develop a website and provide graduate and in-service credit for participants through seminars, lecture series, conferences, workshops, and summer institutes addressing: Colonization and Settlement 1585-1763; Revolution and the New Nation 1754-1820; Expansion and Reform 1801-1861; Civil War and Reconstruction 1850-1877; Industrial U.S. 1870-1900; Modern America 1890-1930; The Depression and World War II 1929-1945; and Post-World War II 1945-1970's.

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