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Nebraska 2008 Grant Abstract
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Grantee Name:Lincoln Public Schools
Project Name:Native American History Teaching Initiative: Vision for Excellence (NAHTIVE)
Project Director:Karen Stanley
Number of Teachers Served:60
Number of School Districts Served:5
Number of Students Served:34,231
Grade Levels:Grades K-12
Partners:Nebraska Wesleyan University, Nebraska State Historical Society
Topics:Tribal history, Colonial America, the American Revolution, Constitutional history, Civil War and Reconstruction, the Depression, the Cold War
Methods:Graduate-level coursework, analysis of primary documents, summer institutes

This project addresses the needs of American history teachers who teach Native American students in the five partnering school districts. NAHTIVE provides American history teachers the opportunity to complete a Master of Arts in Historical Studies degree through the TAH grant partnership formed by Lincoln Public Schools, Nebraska Wesleyan University, and the Nebraska State Historical Society. Grant resources will pay for graduate school tuition and stipends for summer study. To strengthen the intellectual core of American history, NAHTIVE will engage three cohorts of 20 teachers in a course of American history studies offering the hours necessary to complete the master's degree in historical studies. Priority for selecting participants will be given to teachers in schools with significant populations of students of American Indian heritage. Teachers will complete classes that immerse them in the use of documents, artifacts, historic places, and the wisdom of elders. These skills will both aid instruction and work as models to engage students in the study of history by exploration and analysis. Specific graduate courses that will be taken include "Shifting Power on the Plains," "Citizen and the Constitution," "Native American History to 1890," "Oral History," "Theory and Methods," and "Constitutional History."

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