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Oklahoma 2007 Grant Abstracts
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Grantee Name:Morrison Public School Consortium, OK
Project Name:Morrison School TAH Consortium
Project Director:Janice Davis
Number of Teachers Served:158
Number of School Districts Served:2
Number of Students Served:1,661
Grade Levels:PK-12
Partners:Oklahoma State University's History Department, Pawnee Bill Ranch and Museum, Oklahoma Historical Society
Topics:Era 1, beginnings to 1620; Era 2, colonization and settlement; Era 3, revolution and the new nation; Era 4, expansion and reform; Era 5 Civil War and Reconstruction; Era 6, the industrial U.S.; Era 7, emergence of modern America; Era 8, Great Depression and World War II; Era 9, postwar U.S.; Era 10, contemporary U.S.
Methods:Summer institutes, seminars, conferences, workshops

The two project districts within this rural three-district consortium provide services to two elementary, two middle/high, and three consolidated communities including a large enrollment of Native American students from 18 different Tribes. This professional development project to enhance learning of traditional American history will attempt to overcome difficulties inherent in "periodizing" history by overlapping eras to demonstrate there is no such thing as an era's beginning or ending. Content includes: Jamestown, early American and Constitutional history, the Bill of Rights, American slavery, the Civil Rights Movement, causes of the American Revolution, the French and Indian War and Stamp Act Crisis, Truman, Kennan, and the Beginning of the Cold War to 1948, the Specter of Communism and Sources of Soviet Conduct, Foreign Policy from Nixon to Carter, the Reagan Years, and Vietnam.

Grantee Name:Western Heights School District, OK
Project Name:Pioneers Conquering History
Project Director:Joe Kitchens
Number of Teachers Served:50
Number of School Districts Served:4
Number of Students Served:7,600
Grade Levels:5 and 8-12
Partners:University of Oklahoma, National Geographic, Oklahoma Center for History, Oklahoma Historical Society
Topics:Colonization, Independence and the New Government, the Civil War, Immigration and Urban Life, Progressivism, World War I, The Twenties, The Great Depression, Immigration, Industrialism
Methods:Summer institutes, workshops, mini-sabbaticals, annual conference, historic site visits

The "Pioneers" project seeks to raise academic achievement in U.S. history by improving the content knowledge of teachers; supporting teachers in meeting historical thinking benchmarks; developing a high quality American History curriculum; and creating a community of highly qualified and effective history educators. Activities spiral around a theme of "Encounters and Biographies that shaped U.S. History," as participants study key events from the America's founding to the 21st century. Content ranges from the American Revolution and Constitution, the Civil War in Indian territory, to African Americans and discrimination, suffrage, causes and the American response to World War I, prohibition, organized crime, the Red Scare, the assembly line, the stock market crash, and the New Deal-all enlivened by readings and tours to sites throughout the country. Targeted at schools serving some of the most impoverished communities in the state, the project involves teachers at ten elementary, five middle, and four high schools. Three teachers per year will be offered mini-grants of $500 to take a 37-hour mini-sabbatical to work with a historian with expertise in the teacher's interest.

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