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Montana 2007 Grant Abstract
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Grantee Name:Bozeman School District, MT
Project Name:The West as U.S.
Project Director:James Bruggeman
Number of Teachers Served:36
Number of School Districts Served:109
Number of Students Served:38,303
Grade Levels:K-12
Partners:Montana State University's Department of History and Philosophy and Department of Native American Studies, the National Council for History Education, the Northwest Educational Laboratory, Museum of the Rockies, and Buffalo Bill Historical Center
Topics:The American Revolution and early national period; the Civil War and Reconstruction; the Great Depression and Second World War
Methods:Colloquia, summer institutes, learning teams, conferences

In 2005, the Bozeman TAH project launched the Montana Council for History Education, a statewide advocacy group affiliated with the National Council for History Education, to set the direction for rigorous history education in the state. This project benefits from a body of institutional knowledge gathered under two TAH grants, a pool of master teachers who will serve as leaders and mentors, and established collegial relationships with historians and outstanding organizations. Covering 18 counties, the project will be reach out to an audience of 3,500 teachers statewide. "The West as U.S." examines the centrality of the American West in forging the national identity and government. Year 1 content addresses The Emerging West, 1763-1838, focusing on the American Revolution and process of crafting new states in Old Northwest. Year 2, The Expanding West, 1840-1899, examines the war with Mexico through the Battle of Wounded Knee, with attention to how the West influence the move toward the Civil War. The Urban West, 1900-1955, deals with 20th Century developments and consequences of rapid urbanization.

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