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Mississippi 2007 Grant Abstracts
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Grantee Name:Corinth School District, MS
Project Name:Mississippi Liberty Fellowship
Project Director:Edward Lee Childress
Number of Teachers Served:90
Number of School Districts Served:17
Number of Students Served:37,000
Grade Levels:K-12
Partners:Mississippi State University, University of Southern Mississippi, American Institute for History Education, Anodyne Professional Development Services, the Bill of Rights Institute, Northeast Mississippi Museum, National Park Service-Shiloh and Corinth Units, and the Siege and Battle Commission of Corinth
Topics:Year 1, The Empire vs. the Colonies; Year 2, The Agrarian South and the Industrializing North; Year 3, Liberal Democracy vs. Totalitarianism
Methods:Colloquia, summer institutes, field trips

Thirty teachers per year will attend 11 days of intensive colloquia and summer institutes as part of this project emphasizing U.S. history content and teaching strategies. Dissemination of project benefits and sustainability will be ensured by developing a cadre of teacher leaders who will carry their new skills back to districts and schools. Bringing together districts from across the state, the Fellowship allows teachers to research and study major political, economic, and ideological contrasts in each century of U.S. history. During Year 1, teachers examine common and natural law traditions, colonial charters, tensions leading to the American Revolution, Revolutionary leaders, the Declaration of Independence, James Madison and the Constitution, the Federalist Papers and anti-federalist thought, the Bill of Rights, leaders associated with the New York Manumissions Society, and slavery in the North and South. Year 2 proceeds with a focus on slavery, agrarian vs. market economy cultures, the Civil War, Reconstruction, immigration, and America's emergence on the world stage during the William McKinley Administration. Foreign policy, with explorations of totalitarianism and World War II, are subjects in Year 3.

Grantee Name:South Central Mississippi Consortium for Educational Excellence and Development, MS
Project Name:Crossroads of History
Project Director:Dewey Blackledge
Number of Teachers Served:100
Number of School Districts Served:24
Number of Students Served:46,233
Grade Levels:6-12
Partners:University of Southern Mississippi History Department
Topics:Main themes: Liberty, Equality, Identities, Enterprise, Power, and Land
Methods:Workshops, seminars, historical field trips

The project will address the need to provide high-quality education on traditional American history to middle, junior high, and high school students in Mississippi's Gulf Coast region. The project will introduce a detailed content framework, formalize best practices in an Innovation Configuration document, actively engage eligible teachers, and implement outcome-centered evaluation measures. Crossroads of History covers: Lewis, Clark and Native Americans, saints and strangers at Plymouth, Mexicans & Americans, North and South (Civil War), Japanese Internment. Crossroads of ideas includes: colonies and the Constitution, isolationism and internationalism through World War I, Washington and the west (Sagebrush Rebellion), red and blue states, America and Islam. Crossroads of interests focuses on: agriculture and industry, transcontinental railroad, the Depression generation vs. the baby boom, road to civil rights, and labor and capital.

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