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Missouri 2007 Grant Abstract
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Grantee Name:Reorganized School District, MO
Project Name:Confluence and Crossroads: Rivers as Avenues of Change in Traditional American History
Project Director:Linda Nash
Number of Teachers Served:35
Number of School Districts Served:13
Number of Students Served:20,000
Grade Levels:4-8
Partners:Southeast Missouri State University, National Park Service, Missouri State Archives/Cape Girardeau County Archives, Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Topics:Exploration and expansion into new settlements (1770-1850); sectionalism and conflicts (1850-1914); multi-culturism and reforms in the present age (1914-the present)
Methods:Seminars, summer academy, travel study

Focusing on three periods of study-the Ohio River and early westward movement; the Mississippi River: lifeblood of the nation; and the Missouri River: gateway to the West-teacher participants in this project will examine significant issues, events, and turning points in U.S. history. "Confluence and Crossroads" will serve a largely rural, isolated population in the eastern Ozarks area of Missouri known as the "Appalachia of the Midwest," offering unprecedented access to professional development opportunities and the promise of greater appreciation of history on the part of teachers, including pre-service teachers, and students. Participants can earn hours of graduate credit, and will engage in seven-day "Scholars on Site" travel segments in addition to seminars and summer institutes. Topics will cover colonial America, heroes of the Missouri River, the Civil War and Reconstruction, American folklore, economic history, the Missouri sharecroppers' strike, the Ozarks and the nation, the Truman presidency, and exploring the Mississippi Valley, among other subject matter.

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