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Maine 2007 Grant Abstract
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Grantee Name:Maine Administrative District Number 60, ME
Project Name:History in Perspective
Project Director:Judith Moyer
Number of Teachers Served:300
Number of School Districts Served:10
Number of Students Served:26,658
Grade Levels:K-12
Partners:University of New Hampshire
Topics:Cold War, Civil War, civil rights
Methods:Seminars, summer institutes, workshops, book groups

Nineteen middle and high schools and 35 elementary schools will participate in this professional development project designed to increase: factual and conceptual understanding of teachers and students on major topics in U.S. history; educators' ability to examine historical issues; and teacher ability to promote "authentic achievement" through writing tasks, lessons, and classroom discussion. Participants include 175 elementary and 125 middle and secondary teachers, who will take part in 67 in-service activities over the grant period. One seminar, "From Bretton Woods to Kandahar: Understanding the Cold War," provides background for understanding 20th Century American history and modern international relations, including the rise of globalism and U.S. influence. Another sample seminar focuses on the Civil War, addressing two broad issues that have been the subject of recent scholarship: Abraham Lincoln, southern slaves and emancipation, and soldiers and civilians during the war.

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