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Colorado 2007 Grant Abstracts
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Grantee Name:Colorado Springs School District 11, CO
Project Name:Ties That Bind
Project Director:Kandy Claybaugh
Number of Teachers Served:120
Number of School Districts Served:6
Number of Students Served:82,167
Grade Levels:7-12
Partners:Colorado Institute for Historical Study, Pikes Peak Library District, Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum, Tutt Library at Colorado College, and National Archives and Records Administration
Topics:Liberty and Equality; America in the World; Technology: the double-edged sword
Methods:Summer academy, school year workshops, field studies, lectures and exhibits, Concerns-Based Adoption Model

This project will provide professional development training for 120 of the consortium's most needy seventh and twelfth grades history teachers in three 40-member cohorts. The content of the project will focus on three history themes that are aligned to the Colorado Standards: Year 1: Liberty and Equality, Year 2: America in the World, and Year 3: Technology - The Double-Edged Sword. Pivotal events, people, documents, legislation, and judicial cases will be explored as will local, state, and national significance. Specific topics to be covered include Slave Codes of VA, the Federalist Papers, Washington's Farewell Address, the Louisiana Purchase, and the importance of technological innovations such as the cotton gin, steam engine, and Conestoga wagon.

Grantee Name:East Central Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), CO
Project Name:The Routes of American Democracy: Connecting Past with the Present
Project Director:Anita Burns
Number of Teachers Served:30
Number of School Districts Served:21
Number of Students Served:5,000
Grade Levels:5-12
Partners:Colorado Institute for Historical Study and the National Archives and Records Administration
Topics:Year 1, Establishing the American System: French and Indian War to Election of 1800; Year 2, Testing the American System: From 1800 through Reconstruction; Year 3, Consolidating the American System: From Reconstruction to World War II
Methods:Historic site visits, coaching, primary source training

"The Routes of American Democracy" is dedicated to raising student achievement in American history by improving teachers' knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of traditional American history. The majority of the 28 districts targeted in this project are small, rural communities with an average of 240 students per district. Professional development activities are conducted with overall project themes and include such content as the War for Independence, Jeffersonian Republicanism, the challenge of foreign affairs, economic expansion, Jacksonian democracy, slavery, industrialization, and immigration. The project will use the video network services already established, which allows for flexibility and convenience of access to presentations.

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