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Nebraska 2006 Grant Abstract
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Grantee Name:Educational Service Unit #2, NE
Project Name:The Constitution in American History
Project Director:Diane M. Wolfe
Number of Teachers Served:Up to 40
Number of School Districts Served:20
Number of Students Served:21,000
Grade Levels:5, 9-12
Partners:Wayne State College and Eastern Nebraska Distance Learning Consortium
Topics:the Constitution, year 1: Development and foundation, year 2: Tests brought on by the Civil War and Reconstruction, and year 3: Expansion of rights
Methods:graduate-level coursework, writing lesson plans, travel, online activity, and workshops

Enrollment in this very rural, four-county area ranges from one K-12 school with 3,900 students to a K-6 country school with four students. Approximately 42% of the unit's schools reported that less than 100% of their American history teachers are "highly qualified." Of these 16 schools, 44% of them had 50% or lower highly qualified staff. These teachers reported a lack of access or exposure to American history content in their undergraduate or graduate programs. To remedy this situation, teachers will be provided the opportunity to take graduate-level coursework, develop and post on-line lesson plans, and take part in an on-line American history course.

Last Modified: 12/28/2006