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North Dakota 2006 Grant Abstract
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Grantee Name:Williston Public School District 1, ND
Project Name:Lewis and Clark Liberty Fellowship
Project Director:David W. Richter
Number of Teachers Served:80
Number of School Districts Served:29
Number of Students Served:11,937
Grade Levels:K-12
Partners:Williston State College, the Fort Union Trading Post Historical Site, the American Institute for History Education, the Bill of Rights Institute, and Distance Education Consultants
Topics:year 1: the Formation of the Nation: Conflict within the Nation, year 2: Rebuilding the Nation: Today's Nation, and year 3: Coaching, dissemination, and sustainability activities
Methods:colloquia, field trips, summer institutes, and coaching

Remote, isolated, and rural, the target region has a population density of 3.7 persons per square mile. Six districts failed to meet Adequate Yearly Progress. The purpose of the Fellowship is to significantly improve teachers' knowledge of traditional American history, resulting in measurable improvements in student achievement. Teams of historians, instructional experts, and master teachers will emphasize content attainment, instructional methodology, and technology in 2-day colloquia in the fall, winter and spring, as well as during summer institutes. To combat the lack of historical knowledge throughout much of the region, the project will provide professional development to 80 teachers who will be trained as teacher-leaders. As turnkey trainers, these 80 Fellows will teach their colleagues to translate historical information to students.

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