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Iowa 2006 Grant Abstract
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Grantee Name:Washington Community School District, IA
Project Name:Bringing History Home (BHH), Phase III: The Grant Wood History Institute
Project Director:Elise Fillpot
Number of Teachers Served:60
Number of School Districts Served:33
Number of Students Served:68,000
Grade Levels:7-12
Partners:the Grant Wood Area Education Association, the University of Iowa, and Knox College
Topics:Native Americans, industry and labor, slavery, Westward Expansion, the Industrial Revolution, the Constitution, party politics, Reconstruction, the Missouri Compromise, the Civil War, the Women's Rights movement, immigration, the Cold War, the election of 1948, the World Wars, and the antiwar movement
Methods:pedagogy and paradigm workshops, summer institutes, lesson modeling, classroom observations, planning assistance, in-service sessions, an updated website, and biography mini-institutes

Building on the two previous Teaching American History grants that developed a successful history curriculum for the elementary school grades, BHH is set to use project activities to improve the quality of instruction of secondary-level American history teachers. The Grant Wood History Institute's primary goal is for students to attain a firm grasp of essential U.S. historical narratives and a broad range of historical thinking skills with which they can develop, explore, question and enrich their understanding of U.S. history. The leading history pedagogical research suggests this goal is best accomplished through teachers who themselves have a command of historical narratives and interpretations, and who systematically incorporate inquiry-based activities and thoughtful reflection in their lessons. The project will improve teachers' command of historical narratives, improve teachers' knowledge and use of historical inquiry teaching strategies, increase student academic achievement in American history, and mentor other American history teachers.

Last Modified: 08/18/2006