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Delaware 2005 Grant Abstract
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Grantee Name:Colonial School District, New Castle, DE
Project Name:Historical Literacy Project
Project Director:Francis O'Malley (302) 831-8443
Number of Teachers Served:50
Number of School Districts Served:2
Number of Students Served:No Information Available

Colonial and Brandywine School Districts are partnering with the University of Delaware's History Department and the Center for Teacher Education, the Historical Society of Delaware, the Delaware Public Archives, and the National Constitution Center to raise student achievement in American history by providing training in history content and teaching skills for up to 50 teachers in Grades 4 to 11. Over the course of three years, the project will provide 12 two-day workshops and six weeklong summer institutes that promote collaborations with historians, museums, book authors, and instructional experts. Materials will be shared statewide and nationwide through the project website. One teacher cohort will focus on Pre-Reconstruction history—in Year 1, Colonial America, the American Revolution, and the New Nation. A second cohort examines Post-Civil War history—in Year 1, Reconstruction, Immigration, Industrialization and Urbanization, and the Progressive Era.

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