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New Hampshire 2004 Grant Abstracts
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Grantee: Manchester School District, Manchester, NH
Project Name: History in Perspective
Project Director: Judith Moyer (603) 862-1765
Funding: $997,528
Number of Teachers Served: 20
Number of School Districts Served: 9
Number of Students Served: No information available

History in Perspective offers middle and high school teachers 18 two-day seminars, 2 week-long summer institutes, workshops on authentic achievement, and workshops on infusing children's literature about U.S. history into reading and writing assignments in the upper elementary grades. Working with a University of New Hampshire historian and social studies curriculum specialists, teachers will gain an understanding of authentic instruction and assessment, will use age-appropriate primary and secondary source materials, will invite critical thinking about history, and will use Internet/technology resources for teaching traditional American history. Content selection reflects responses to a survey of teacher interests: Colonial Heritage; American Revolution; Constitution; Westward Expansion; Native American Experience; Slaves; Citizens and Soldiers: African-Americans in the 19th Century; Civil War and Reconstruction; Industrialization in the 1800s, Immigration; Great Depression and New Deal; Civil Rights; Women and History; Cold War; Vietnam, Foreign Policy; and U.S. History through the Arts.

Grantee: Merrimack School District, Merrimack, NH
Project Name: America: A Story of Beginnings and A Story of Change
Project Director: Antonio Paradis (603) 206-6800
Funding: $998,773
Number of Teachers Served: 144
Number of School Districts Served: 18
Number of Students Served: No information available

In an effort to raise student achievement, the district is partnering with 17 rural school districts and the Southeast Regional Education Service Center, Plymouth State University, New Hampshire Historical Society, National Park Service, and selected museums to provide this program for teachers of American history. The project's goal is to improve American history content, teaching strategies, and materials. Teachers in grades 6 and 10 will participate in a variety of projects, including colloquia on Themes of American History and History's Habits of the Mind; summer institutes providing American history content; online graduate instruction in unit-planning, instructional methodology, and educational resources; and collaborative work that teams school districts with scholar/historians. Content will address three areas of traditional American history: America as Agrarian Society (1607-1813); America as an Industrial Nation (1813 to 1945); and America as a Post-Industrial Nation (1945 to present).

Grantee: Rivendell Interstate School District, Orford, NH
Project Name: History Harvest: Gathering America's Past
Project Director: Fern Tavalin (802) 387-4277
Funding: $907,386
Number of Teachers Served: 90
Number of School Districts Served: 1
Number of Students Served: No information available

The History Harvest Project extends the work of a previous Teaching American History grant,The Flow of History, to 15 schools in New Hampshire and Vermont. It is a collaborative work of the Rivendell Interstate School District, the Southeast Vermont Community Learning Collaborative, Great Falls Region Chamber of Commerce at Bellows Falls Waypoint Interpretive Center, Alliance for Lifelong Learning, and University of Vermont. The project provides qualifying teachers in grades 3-10 with a professional development program featuring summer institutes, follow-up study groups, a quarterly newsletter, online discussions, and historian-mentors. The program is organized around: (1) Gathering and Interactions of Peoples, Cultures and Ideas (Colonization, Settlement, and Communities - 1607 to 1763); (2) Change and Continuity in American Democracy: Ideas, Institutions, Practices and Controversies (Crisis of the Union - 1850 to 1877; and Contemporary America - 1945 to present); and (3) Economic and Technological Changes and their Relation to Society, Ideas and the Environment (Development of Modern America - 1865 to 1920; and Modern America - 1914 to 1945). An online information center and primary resource database provide universal access to teachers, students, and community members interested in American history.

Grantee: Timberlane Regional School District, Plaistow, NH
Project Name: Weaving the Thread of American History
Project Director: Dwight S. Wilder (603)382-6541
Funding: $587,340
Number of Teachers Served: No information available
Number of School Districts Served: 1
Number of Students Served: No information available

This project to is designed enhance faculty content knowledge, develop comprehensive student expectations of U.S. history, create ongoing interaction among history teachers at different grade levels, and promote continuous improvement of instruction and achievement seeks to define American history as a key thread running from elementary through high school. Through a partnership with the National Council for History Education, the program provides teachers in grades 5, 8, and 11 with four major 5-day history colloquia, workshops, seminars, coursework, guest speakers, visits, and in-class activities. Project evaluation measures individual professional development, group-based events, and overall project impact. The region has exceptional resources for professional development in content knowledge, encompassing sites from colonial times through the early Republic, Industrial Revolution, immigrant experience, to the technological and social advances of the 20th century. Colloquia address the Colonial Period and Early Republic, 19th century America, and 20th century America.

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