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Kentucky 2002 Grant Abstracts
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Grantee: Ballard County Board of Education, Barlow, KY
Project Name: Project TAHOE (Teaching American History Opportunities for Educators)
Project Director: Danny Whitlock (270) 653-4379
Funding: $933,705
Number of Teachers Served: 45
Number of School Districts Served: 13
Number of Students Served: 20,000

Project TAHOE is supported by a consortium of partners that include 13 school districts in rural western Kentucky, Murray State University, West Kentucky Educational Cooperative, Kentucky Academic for Technology Education, and Teacher Quality Institute. The professional development program includes a 2-week summer institute for up to 15 American history teachers each year, to be taught by Murray Statue professors, visiting historians, and instructional experts. Participants will earn 3 hours of graduate credit. In accordance with Kentucky's curriculum standards and National Standards for History, content will address: Civil Rights Movement, Frontier Life in America, Reflections of Art and Music in American History, Native American History in Kentucky and Tennessee, Effects of Our Multi-Cultural Population on American History, and Women in American History. Seminars, historical site visits, student demonstrations of technology-enhanced units of study are additional components of this effort to increase teachers' history content knowledge and instructional skills.

Grantee: Harlan Independent School District, Harlan, KY
Project Name: American Legacies: Revitalizing American History in Our Public Schools
Project Director: Rebecca S. Hanley (502) 564-0475
Funding: $942,408
Number of Teachers Served: 45
Number of School Districts Served: 15
Number of Students Served: No information available

The LEA will serve as the center of an intensive professional development program in American history content and pedagogy for 4th -12th teachers-"American History Fellows"-in an 8-county region. Fellows receive more than 94 hours per year of organized contact with project partners, including the Kentucky Historical Society, University of Kentucky, Department of Education, Kentucky Heritage Council and Kentucky Virtual University. Independent study courses, seminars, in-class support from master teachers and specialists, and summer institutes, are supplemented by an annual team project to develop teaching units for statewide distribution. The American Legacy curriculum focuses on events and ideas within the themes of "Shifting Frontiers," "Democracy and Conflict," and "Industrialization and Reform."

Grantee: Bourbon County Schools, Paris, KY
Project Name: STEP (Supplying Teachers with Education and Preparation) into History
Project Director: John Beardsley (859) 987-2180
Funding: $929,811
Number of Teachers Served: 95
Number of School Districts Served: 24
Number of Students Served: 17,750

The district will partner with Georgetown University, National Underground Railroad Museum, Teachers' Curriculum Institute (TCI), Kentucky State History Museum, Colonial Williamsburg Living History Museum, Bourbon County Historical Society, and Central Kentucky Exceptional Education Cooperative to provide a tiered professional development program in American history teaching for pre- and in-service K-12 teachers. The project provides workshops, summer institutes, mentoring/coaching, and web-based American history lesson plans along with memberships in the National Council for History Education and chartering of Junior Historical Societies in each school. The district will use the History Alive! Approach. Secondary teachers' project curriculum includes: Coming of Age 1890-1920, Roaring 20s and Great Depression, U.S. in World War II, Cold War, Civil Rights Movement, and Contemporary American Society.

Grantee: Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative, Shelbyville, KY
Project Name: Project USA (Understanding the Study of American History)
Project Director: Michael Franken (502) 647-3533
Funding: $972,500
Number of Teachers Served: 55
Number of School Districts Served: 8
Number of Students Served: 9,000

This professional development effort conducted by the Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative in partnership with 8 school districts, Teachers' Curriculum Institute/History Alive!, National History Day, Kentucky Historical Society and history professors from University of Kentucky, Centre College and Georgetown College provides American history teachers in grades 5, 8-11 in 25 schools with institutes, workshops, coaching, mentoring, and study groups designed to foster collegial networks and vertical and horizontal teaming. Targeted at districts in rural, high-poverty, the project emphasizes professional growth for teachers in content knowledge and teaching strategies, mentoring for new teachers, primary source document use, and integration of technology as a research and learning tool. Content covers: Early American and Constitutional History, Post-Civil War American Military Involvement, War for Independence and Westward Expansion, Founding Fathers, Civil Rights, Racial and Gender Equality, and Impact of Immigration.

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Last Modified: 02/14/2008