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Alaska 2002 Grant Abstract
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Grantee: Anchorage School District, Anchorage, Alaska
Project Name: The Anchorage Teaching American History Project
Project Director: Mary Bristol (907) 742-4839
Funding: $772,053
Number of Teachers Served: 40
Number of School Districts Served: 1
Number of Students Served: No information available

The Anchorage Teaching American History Project is a 3-year professional development initiative designed to create 40 teacher and 5 administrator leaders in American History. Partnering with the University of Alaska-Anchorage History Department and School of Education and Alaska Humanities Forum, the district will offer an interlocking sequence of colloquia, summer institutes, and study groups on American history. Visiting historians and instructors include 11 scholars of national rank. Participants will practice historiography, read recommended works, interact with historians, mentor other grade-level teachers in their own and other schools, and produce and model exemplary standards-based U.S. history units for the core social studies curriculum. New curriculum units will be field-tested in the district's 20 schools representing a range of Title I and high-needs populations. Content addresses U.S. colonization and early citizenship; U.S. history to 1900 including westward expansion, Revolutionary War, the Constitution, slavery and Civil War, reconstruction; 20th century U.S. and the world, global issues, struggles for citizenship rights and responsibilities, economic, social, political and cultural events.

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Last Modified: 02/14/2008