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Minnesota 2001 Project Abstract
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Name of the Project:
A Bridge for American History
Grantee Contact:
Minneapolis Public Schools Minneapolis, MN
Project Director: Dana Carmichael-Tanaka
(612) 668-5337

The district, in alliance with St. Paul Public Schools, will work in partnership with the education and history faculties at the University of Minnesota, the Minnesota Historical Society, and National History Day. The project will work with three cohorts of 80 elementary and secondary teachers-- half from each district. A series of summer and school year sessions will be conducted to provide teachers with content learning, pedagogical advancement, and peer coaching. The aims will be to integrate state standards with authentic pedagogy; to achieve a deeper commitment to classroom content and learning strategies; to create a systemic coherence in teaching methods through the integration of instructional perspectives; and to ensure the creation and continuance of an ongoing history collaborative learning community.

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Last Modified: 05/17/2005