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Colorado 2001 Project Abstract
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Name of the Project:
Enhancing Student Performance in
American History Through Increased Teacher Expertise:
A Model for Jefferson County Schools
Grantee Contact:
Jefferson County Public Schools
Golden, CO
Project Director: Brian Loney
(303) 982-6987

Jefferson County Schools, in partnership with the National Center for History Education, University of Colorado and the Center of the American West, Social Science Education Consortium, and the Colorado Historical Society will focus on activities designed to foster collaboration, continual content learning, and improvement in instructional practice. Project activities include history colloquia; summer institutes; follow-up training (one-day seminars, technology workshops, study groups, critical friends groups); cognitive coaching, and Annenberg Institute Protocol training. Approximately 360 teachers at the elementary and secondary levels will participate in professional development activities during the 3-year project period.

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Last Modified: 05/17/2005