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2012 Eligibility Information:

Who May Apply: (by category) (a) Local educational agencies (LEAs); including charter schools that are LEAs; (b) States (SEAs) that apply with one or more LEAs; (c) Non-profit organizations that apply in partnership with (i) one or more LEAs; or (ii) one or more LEAs and an SEA.

In order to be considered for funding for FY 2012 TIF competitions, an applicant that is eligible to apply based on its entity classification (e.g., the applicant is a local educational agency (LEA) or nonprofit organization) must meet the absolute priorities and requirements set forth in the NIA.

2010 Eligibility Information:

Local Education Agencies (LEAs), Nonprofit Organizations, and State Education Agencies (SEAs)

Who May Apply: (specifically) LEAs, including charter schools that are LEAs in their state, SEAs, or partnerships of (1) an LEA, an SEA, or both, and (2) at least one nonprofit organization may apply.

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Last Modified: 10/08/2014