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Teaching Ambassador Fellowship

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2015 Teaching Ambassador Fellows

Washington Fellows
Aman Dhanda
Woodland, CA
Photo of Aman Dhanda, Classroom Fellow
JoLisa Hoover
Leander, Texas
Photo of JoLisa Hoover, Classroom Fellow
Meredith Morelle
Washington, DC
Photo of Meredith Morelle, Classroom Fellow

Classroom Fellows
Julia Dezen
New Orleans, LA
Photo of Julia Dezen, Classroom Fellow
Patrick Kelly
Columbia, SC
Photo of Patrick Kelly, Classroom Fellow
Matthew Presser
New Haven, CT
Photo of Matthew Presser, Classroom Fellow
Josalyn Tresvant
Memphis, TN
Photo of Josalyn Tresvant, Classroom Fellow
Mark Sass
Broomfield, CO
Photo of Mark Sass, Classroom Fellow
Nancy Veatch
Cottonwood, CA
Photo of Nancy Veatch, Classroom Fellow

The Teaching Ambassador Fellowship lives by the belief, that "Once a Fellow, Always a Fellow" and at ED we continue to work with and promote the leadership of all of our Ambassador Fellowship Alumni. You can learn more about previous classes of Fellows at the following links: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 Alumni Fellows

Last Modified: 09/11/2015