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Edit Khachatryan
2010 Alumni Washington Fellow
San Francisco, CA

Photo of Edit Khachatryan, Washington Fellow

Bio/Overview: Khachatryan is currently a Ph.D. student at Stanford University Graduate School of Education in the area of Curriculum Studies and Teacher Education. She entered the teaching profession to make learning fun and meaningful for students and chose to teach social studies in order to ensure that students from all backgrounds saw themselves in the fabric of our nation’s history. Khachatryan started her teaching career in Los Angeles Unified, but she came to the Department as a 2010 Washington Fellow from Clark Magnet High School in Glendale, CA where she taught Government and U.S. History.

Educational Values/Philosophy: Khachatryan believes in making learning meaningful and fun, and utilized project-based teaching methods to allow students opportunities for authentic application of academic knowledge in real life situations. All educators must be trained to employ culturally relevant pedagogy, according to Khachatryan. To this end, ensuring equitable educational opportunities for all children is of utmost importance to her, as well as ensuring that all educators have collaboration time, necessary resources, and authentic professional development opportunities.

Leadership Experience: As an undergraduate, Khachatryan started the UCLA Chapter of the Student California Teachers Association, a statewide organization. Within a few years of teaching, she took on more leadership roles at her school. She began by coordinating her school’s Gifted and Talented Education student placement and evaluation system, and initiated a school-wide peer tutorial program. Khachatryan also became adviser to student groups on campus. She was elected co-chair of the Social Science department, through which she led efforts to collaboratively create formative and interim assessments and use data to inform instruction. As a member of her school’s Instructional Leadership Team, Khachatryan participated in the decision making of her school for two years, especially having to do with data collection and analysis, assessments, and professional development. Most recently, Khachatryan has been a University Supervisor to three Stanford Teacher Education Program history pre-service teachers.

Affiliations: American Educational Research Association, UCLA Center X, Stanford History Education Group, Stanford Teacher Education Research Group, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Society for History Education, California Teachers Association, California Council for the Social Studies.

Education: Khachatryan received her Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Education Studies in 2003 from UCLA, as well as her teaching credential and first Master's degree in Education two years later. Her first master’s research dealt with interdisciplinary teaching. Upon completing her fifth year of teaching, Khachatryan also earned her administrative credential and her second Master's degree from UCLA. This research involved marginalization of English Learners and immigrants. Khachatryan’s current doctoral qualifying study involves how feedback on teaching impacts teaching performance.

Areas of Interest/Expertise:

  • Social Justice
  • Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
  • Assessments of teaching
  • Formative and Interim Assessments
  • Professional development
  • Public Policy
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Last Modified: 09/23/2013