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Elaine Romero
2009 Alumni Classroom Fellow
Albuquerque, NM

Photo of Elaine Romero, Classroom Fellow

Bio/Overview: Currently, with Albuquerque Public Schools, Romero works with teachers to improve instruction in a high-poverty and high-minority elementary school. Romero grew up wanting to be a teacher but changed her mind during high school as a young Latina, in a predominately White school, when she lost confidence in herself as a learner. Twenty years after graduation, living on the Spanish land grant of her father's family, escaping the economic and ethnic tensions of the city, Romero accepted a long-term substitute position in a small Catholic school serving the nearby reservation and Spanish communities. Soon after, she completed an education post-bachelors program, accepted a teaching position in a rural elementary school, and has continued placing herself in high-need education environments. Always looking for ways to improve her professional environment, Romero became involved early in education reform.

Educational Values/Philosophy: Romero’s passion for education has always extended beyond the classroom. Her hope is that teachers, educators from all levels, parents, students, community leaders, businessmen, and politicians can engage in what Michael Fullan refers to as “collective collaborative capacity building”.  Only by working together, only by engaging and listening to students and community, will we meet the 21st Century challenges in education.

Achievements: MA in Education Leadership (Outstanding Student Award, May 2010, Inquiry Project: “Education Policy and Professional Development.”

Leadership Experience: In her first year of teaching, driven by low reading levels, Romero and her principal successfully submitted a federal Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration grant. At a BIA school, collaborating with the University of New Mexico (UNM), the University of Northern Colorado, and parents, they improved and expanded their gifted program to serve over 70 students. Finally, with Albuquerque Public Schools, Romero was involved in Strengthening Quality in Schools, a New Mexico Public Education Department initiative for school improvement. The Teacher Ambassador Fellowship provided opportunities for Romero to collaborate with federal officials, state, district, and community leaders while working at the school level and participating in the efforts and challenges of teachers and students.  She worked as an education policy analyst during the 2012 New Mexico Legislative session for the Senate Majority and is working during the summer of 2012 as a program evaluator for the Legislative Finance Committee.

Affiliations:  Co-founder of NM Learning Forward, Board member of NM International Charter School

Education: Romero received her Master’s in Education from the University of New Mexico and is completing a Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

Areas of Interest/Expertise:

  • Education equity
  • Education reform focused on strengthening public education
  • Professional development focused on creating collaborative cultures at schools

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Last Modified: 08/16/2012