Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy Program

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2011 Applications

2011 Application (84.371C) Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) (Posted for Historic Purposes Only)

2011 Application (84.371C) Outlying Areas (American Samoa, Guam, Northern Marianas, and U.S. Virgin Islands)(Posted for Historic Purposes Only)

Timeline and Closing Dates for Submission of Striving Reading Comprehensive Literacy (SRCL) discretionary grants (84.371C): Closed May 9, 2011

Awards Announced
  • Formula Awards - October, 2010 (No Longer Funded)
  • Discretionary Awards - September 7, 2011

GPRA Performance Measures

Federal Register Notices
  • Notice Inviting Applications for New Awards for (FY) 2011- Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy Discretionary Grant Program; Federal Register, Vol. 76, No. 47 (March 10, 2011), p. 13143,
    download files MS WORD (1.2M) | PDF

  • Notice of Information Collection - Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy State Formula Grant Application, Federal Register, Vol. 75, No. 58 (March 26, 2010), p. 14582,
    download files PDF

Current Application (84.371B) Formula (No Longer Funded)
  • 2010 Application Package:
    download files MS WORD (1.2M)

FY 2011 Application (84.371C) Discretionary
  • 2011 Application Package:
    download files MS WORD (1.2M)

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