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Grants for Coalitions to Prevent and Reduce Alcohol Abuse at Institutions of Higher Education

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Fiscal Year 2009 Competition
Abstracts – Recommended Applications for Funding

Under this grant competition the Department is providing funding to institutions of higher education (IHEs), consortia thereof, State agencies, and non-profit entities to prevent and reduce the rate of under-age alcohol consumption, including binge drinking, among students at institutions of higher education. Applicants were required to propose programs to develop, expand, or enhance a statewide coalition to prevent and reduce alcohol abuse by targeting under-age students at IHEs throughout the State, both on campuses and in surrounding communities.

University of North Dakota
Grand Forks, ND
Project Director: Karin L. Walton
To address the problem of underage high-risk drinking, the North Dakota Higher Education Consortium for Substance Abuse Prevention will implement Project North Dakota Partners in Prevention.  This comprehensive initiative will provide support for online alcohol education for first-year students, alcohol-free, late night events on 12 college campuses and the surrounding community, and assistance for students at high-risk for alcohol-related problems. 

Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education
Harrisburg, PA
Project Director: Doreen Tobin
The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) proposes to reduce under-age alcohol consumption and binge drinking at 14 campuses of the State System through a statewide coalition. This PASSHE Alcohol Coalition, comprised of the 14 universities and other key partners, will specifically target first year resident students at the selected universities. The goal of the coalition is a seven percent reduction in underage alcohol use as well as a seven percent reduction in binge drinking by first year students.

William Paterson University
Passaic, NJ
Project Director: Dr. Glen L. Sherman
The project involves multiple partners in an effort to support the revitalization and ongoing development of a statewide consortium of IHEs – the New Jersey Higher Education Consortium (NJHEC) for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention and Education. The project will allow the NJHEC to further develop its prevention goals by expanding its efforts in support of campus environmental management (EM) prevention strategies and will also allow several New Jersey IHEs to develop or expand their EM prevention strategies.

Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy
Des Moines, IA
Project Director: Rebecca Swift
The Iowa Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy will lead a coordinated effort to reduce 30 day alcohol use and binge drinking on college campuses by using a multi-strategic approach to enhance and expand the capacity of the Alliance of Coalitions 4 Change (AC4C), a statewide coalition to prevent and reduce alcohol use among college-age students. The goals of the project are to expand the reach of the ZC4C statewide coalition by adding five new sites, to develop and implement an underage drinking prevention and reduction plan at all sites and to develop and implement a uniform data collection process to gather substance use information at each of the participating sites.

Texans Standing Tall
Austin, TX
Project Director: Nicole L. Holt
The Texans Standing Tall Statewide Coalition (TST) is an established alcohol reduction program with a specific focus is on reducing underage drinking at underserved institutions of higher education. Through this project, TST will leverage their core competencies in data collection and dissemination, coalition building, collaboration with key stakeholders across the state and utilization of evidence-based prevention strategies to reduce 30-day alcohol use and 30-day binge drinking among underage students at IHEs participating in the program. The goals of the program include increased awareness of evidence-based prevention strategies for colleges and universities and increased capacity of statewide coalitions as indicated by increased partnerships between IHEs and other key stakeholders.

The Board of Regents, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Lancaster, NE
Project Director: Ian Newman
The Nebraska Collegiate Consortium to Reduce High Risk Drinking (NCC), along with a number of private institutions of higher education, will use funds provided by this grant to overcome difficulties and barriers in connecting with agencies and coalitions in their surrounding communities. This project will greatly enhance the ability of IHEs and their surrounding communities to combine/coordinate efforts to reduce underage and binge drinking. The goals of this project are to reduce past 30-day alcohol use and binge drinking among students at NCC schools.

The Regents of the University of California
Irvine, CA
Project Director: Manuel Gomez
The purpose of this project is the formation of the California Coalition for Safer Universities (CCSU), a consortium of 4-year institutions committed to decreasing alcohol use and binge drinking among under-graduate students. Funding will be used to implement two separate phases of activity focused on developing a statewide initiative by targeting four-year institutions, both public and private.

The Curators of the University of Missouri
Columbia, MO
Project Director: Kim Dude
The Missouri Partners in Prevention (PIP), an established statewide substance abuse prevention coalition of publicly funded Missouri universities, will focus on enhancing and expanding its current coalition efforts to reduce 30-day alcohol use and binge drinking among under-age students at participating IHEs. Through the project, PIP will enhance services provided to members IHEs and will expand coalition services to six additional private higher education institutions. The statewide program will partner with three state agencies to provide linkages with state and local resources to increase the capacity of campuses to address under-age alcohol use and binge drinking in their communities.

Mississippi State University
Oktibbeha, MS
Project Director: Joyce M. Yates
Mississippi State University, Mississippi University, and the University of Mississippi, will develop a statewide coalition to target alcohol use by underage students and youth in surrounding communities.  The program - Stay Dry! Mississippi Coalition of Partners in Prevention – will include community-based organizations across the state and will focus on alcohol abuse education, peer education, media campaigns, and the promotion of alcohol-free social events on and off campuses.

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