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State Tribal Education Partnership (STEP)

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Who May Apply

A tribal education agency (TEA) in partnership with an State educational agency (SEA), or a consortium of TEAs in partnership with an SEA.

  • Consortium of TEAs means two or more tribal education agencies acting collaboratively for the purpose of applying for and implementing a joint project as part of the STEP Pilot grant program.

  • Eligible Indian tribe means a federally recognized or State-recognized tribe that has an Indian reservation on which one or more eligible schools are operating.

  • Eligible school means a public school operating on the eligible Indian tribe’s reservation. Public schools do not include schools that are funded primarily by the Department of Interior's Bureau of Indian Education.

  • Tribal education agency (TEA) means the agency or department of an eligible Indian tribe that is primarily responsible for supporting the elementary and secondary education of tribal students.

  • Reservation means an “American Indian Reservation or Off-Reservation Trust Land (Federal),” “Oklahoma Tribal Statistical Area,” “American Indian Reservation (State),” or “Alaska Native Village Statistical Areas,” as those terms are used by the US Census Bureau (see definitions at If you are unsure as to a reservation’s status, contact the Agency Contact listed in the Contacts page.

Please refer to the "Notice Inviting Applications" for the complete list of definitions.

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Last Modified: 06/01/2012