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School Turnaround Learning Community (STLC)

The U.S. Department of Education recently launched the STLC to support School Improvement Grant (SIG) recipients and others undertaking rigorous interventions in their lowest performing schools. The goal of the STLC is to provide states and districts with easy online access to resources and to facilitate networking that will enable them to support schools more effectively. Both research-based practices and practical examples from states, districts, and schools developing and implementing on-the-ground solutions are available.

SIG Webinars

SIG Final Requirements and FY 2014 SIG Application: (February 19, 2015) Webinar
Powerpoint (PDF 355 KB) Slides
Webinar Recording

Application Walkthrough: (February 26, 2015) Webinar
Powerpoint (PDF 445KB) Slides
Webinar Recording

The Center on Innovation & Improvement has hosted a webinar series prepared for use by the regional comprehensive centers and state education agencies to inform local education agencies


The purpose of this Handbook is to bolster the effective implementation of the intervention models and strat­egies outlined in the 2010 School Improvement Grant (SIG) program—section 1003(g) of Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)—in order to achieve the program’s clear goal—rapid improvement of persis­tently low-achieving schools. Especially, this Handbook offers succinct and practical explanations of the SIG’s required and recommended models and strategies, references to the underlying research, and connections to useful resources.  It can be downloaded for free at:


Monitoring States' implementation of programs provides an opportunity to examine how States have instituted policies, systems, and procedures to ensure LEA and school compliance with the statute and regulations.

SIG Newsletters


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Last Modified: 03/13/2015