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State Applications, Definitions, and Waivers

For more information on the SEA applications, waivers, and allocations of each SIG grantee, please refer to the School Turnaround State Information Map


FY 2013 Applications:

  • FY 2013 SIG Application (New and Continuation) download files MS Word (247K)

FY 2013 Application:
The FY 2013 SIG application should only be used by SEAs that will make new awards. New awards are defined as an award of SIG funds to an LEA for a school that the LEA was not previously approved to serve with SIG funds in the school year for which funds are being awarded—in this case, the 2014–2015 school year. New three-year awards may be made with the FY 2013 funds or any unobligated SIG funds from previous competitions not already committed to grants made in earlier competitions. Those SEAs using FY 2013 funds solely for continuation purposes are only required to complete the “Continuation Awards Only Application” for FY 2013 School Improvement Grants Program located at the end of this application. 

Electronic Submission:
The Department strongly prefers to receive an SEA’s FY 2013 SIG application electronically. The application should be sent as a Microsoft Word document, not as a PDF.

The SEA should submit its FY 2013 application to

In addition, the SEA must submit a paper copy of the cover page signed by the SEA’s authorized representative to the address listed below under “Paper Submission.”

Paper Submission:
If an SEA is not able to submit its application electronically, it may submit the original and two copies of its SIG application to the following address:

Carlas McCauley, Group Leader
Office of School Turnaround
U.S. Department of Education
400 Maryland Ave, SW, Room 3W320
Washington, DC 20202-6132

Due to potential delays in government processing of mail sent through the U.S. Postal Service, SEAs are encouraged to use alternate carriers for paper submissions.

Application Deadline:
Applications are due on or before November 22, 2013.

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Last Modified: 11/01/2013