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Annual Performance Report on the RSA Training Program

Department-wide annual plans and performance reports describe the goals and intended outcomes of U.S. Department of Education programs and initiatives. Annual strategies and targets are published in performance plans in advance of each fiscal year; results are reported in annual performance and accountability reports following the fiscal year end. Read the most recent performance report on the RSA Training Program.

The Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART)

The federal government wants programs to work. It is assessing all programs to make sure they are working well for the American people. The assessment tool they are using is called the Program Assessment Rating Tool, or PART, for short. The PART asks approximately 25 important, yet common sense, questions about a program's performance and management. For each question, there is a short answer and a detailed explanation with supporting evidence. The answers determine a program's overall rating. Once each assessment is completed, we develop a program improvement plan so we can follow up and improve the program's performance.

Read the PART information on the RSA training program.

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Last Modified: 06/24/2013