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Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) is pleased to announce that the State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) Online Training Series, developed by RSA in cooperation with the National Rehabilitation Continuing Education Programs, is now available.

This self-directed program intends to address the training needs of SRC members. It contains a series of topical modules, each approximately 30 minutes in length, intended to provide a resource to SRC members, especially new members, to increase knowledge of the VR program and improve understanding of SRC responsibilities. The series is designed for use "anytime-anywhere," including group settings or individually.

The training is organized into three series:

  • Series One: Overview and Philosophy

    • History of VR
    • Overview of the Rehabilitation Act
    • VR principles & policies
    • The role of the SRC
  • Series Two: State Plan

    • The Statutory Basis of the State Plan
    • Purpose of the State Plan
    • Development of the State Plan
  • Series Three: Operationalizing the State Plan

    • Assessment
    • Development of VR Goals
    • Program Evaluation and Reporting
    • SRC Infrastructure

The training includes graphics, interactive content, a glossary of frequently used acronyms, direct links to statutory and regulatory requirements, and a quiz of competencies at the end of each module. There is a certification of completion at the end of all modules.

The training is fully accessible to all individuals, and a broader audience of agency staff and stakeholders may find the training series to be helpful.

To access the SRC Online Training Series, go to www.erehab.org, select National Training Series, and then select SRC Online Training Series. Select "click to register" to get started. Registration instructions are available at the website.

RSA is committed to providing technical assistance resources to enable SRCs to meet their required responsibilities. We encourage each SRC member to utilize the online training series to enhance your skills and knowledge.

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Last Modified: 07/30/2012