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RSA: Comprehensive Statewide Needs Assessment (CSNA)

The Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) is pleased to announce the Comprehensive Statewide Needs Assessment (CSNA) (also known as the Vocational Rehabilitation or VR Needs Assessment Guide) and its Appendices. The Guide and its Appendices provide state VR agencies and State Rehabilitation Councils (SRC) with fundamental tools necessary to meet the requirements of a fully developed comprehensive statewide needs assessment (CSNA).

The Guide is arranged into two parts:

  • Part I—The Model CSNA
    • Overview of the Model CSNA
    • Six Steps to Assessing and Addressing VR Needs
    • Seven Information Strategies

  • Part II—Implementing the Model CSNA
    • Step 1: Defining and Establishing CSNA Goals
    • Step 2: Developing CSNA Plan for Information and Dissemination
    • Step 3: Gathering the information
    • Step 4: Analyzing the Results and Developing Findings
    • Step 5: Develop the Conclusions: Potential Action Strategies
    • Step 6: informing State Plan, Goals, Priorities, and Strategies

The Appendix is arranged into ten parts:

  • Disability Population Statistics
  • Disability Population Estimates
  • Projections of State Population and Labor and Economic Forecasts
  • VR Agency Data
  • State-Level Data from National Programs
  • State and Sub-State Reports and Other Materials
  • Input from Stakeholders
  • Minorities and Unserved or Underserved Groups
  • Literature Review
  • Reviews of State Needs Assessments

Frequently Asked Questions about the CSNA and a presentation on the materials are available as additional resources.

RSA is committed to providing technical assistance resources to enable VR agencies to meet their required responsibilities. We hope that state VR agencies and SRCs find these materials helpful in developing a plan for, conducting and reporting the results of a comprehensive statewide needs assessment.

Please contact your state liaison or TACE center if you require additional assistance.

  • VR Needs Asessment Guide:
    download files MS Word (3.0MB) | PDF (2.6MB)

  • VR Needs Asessment Guide Appendices:
    download files MS Word (2.8MB) | PDF (7.0MB)

  • VR Needs Asessment Guide FAQ:
    download files MS Word (35KB) | PDF (104KB)

  • VR Needs Asessment Training:
    download files MS Word (52KB) | PDF (419KB)



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Last Modified: 05/15/2013