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Mary Switzer Research Fellowships

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Related Resources for NIDILRR's Mary E. Switzer Fellowship Program


Resources listed on this page are related to NIDILRR's Mary E. Switzer Fellowship Program.

The Publications' section contains links to information about publications produced by our Switzer grantees. The information on these publications (e.g., year, author, title, abstract, etc.) is maintained in REHABDATA, a database of rehabilitation and disability literature; this database and several others, are maintained by the National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC) under contract for NIDILRR.

The Other Resources' section contains non-publication information related to our Switzer Program.


Note: A publication is considered a "Switzer-produced" publication if one of the authors in the author field is or was a Switzer fellow

Other Resources

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Last Modified: 04/07/2015