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Educational Testing Service
Principal Investigator: Dr. John Sabatini
Developing Reading Comprehension Assessments Targeting Struggling Readers

Florida Atlantic University
Principal Investigator: Dr. Nancy Romance
Embedding Knowledge-Focused Reading Comprehension Strategies in Cumulative Content-Area Instruction in Grades 3-4-5: An Assessment of Immediate, Transfer, and Long-Term Impact on Reading Achievement

Northern Illinois University
Principal Investigator: Dr. Joseph Magliano
Assessing Reading Comprehension with Verbal Protocols and Latent Semantic Analysis

State University of New York at Buffalo
Principal Investigator: Dr. James Collins
Writing Intensive Reading Comprehension: Effects of Comprehension Instruction With and Without Integrated Writing Instruction on Fourth and Fifth Grade Students' Reading Comprehension and Writing Performance

University of Colorado
Principal Investigator: Dr. Barbara Wise
ICARE: Independent Comprehensive Adaptive Reading Evaluation System

University of Iowa
Principal Investigator: Dr. Richard Hurtig
Breakthrough to Literacy in the Chicago Public Schools: A Large Scale Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Reading Comprehension Intervention

University of Kansas
Principal Investigator: Dr. Michael Hock
Improving Adolescent Reading Comprehension: A Multi-Strategy Reading Intervention

University of Memphis
Principal Investigator: Dr. Danielle McNamara
ISTART: Interactive Strategy Trainer for Active Reading and Thinking

University of Minnesota
Principal Investigator: Dr. Paul van den Broek
Improving Comprehension of Struggling Readers: Connecting Cognitive Science and Educational Practice

University of Pittsburgh
Principal Investigator: Dr. Margaret McKeown Toward More Meaningful Decisions about Comprehension Instruction

Vanderbilt University
Principal Investigator: Dr. Douglas Fuchs
Scaling Up Peer Assisted Learning Strategies to Strengthen Reading Achievement

Washington Research Institute
Principal Investigator: Dr. Patricia Vadasy
Quick Reads Supplementary Tutoring Efficacy and Replication Trials

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Last Modified: 11/30/2006